Greetings from Slovenia

Marijan.Miletic at Marijan.Miletic at
Fri Dec 24 11:00:03 EST 1993

Hi all,

I subscribed to CQ-Contest yesterday and allready received 20 interesting

To begin with, let me wish you happy holidays from Slovenia.

Next year couple of S5 stations will use single suffix letter in order to
promote our fresh statehood (and to comply with radioregulations which 
permit single leters for special occassions only!).

I'll be S56A as I was in WPX and WW CW.  My new address is OK in 1994 callbook:

Marijan Miletic', Trebinjska 8, 61113 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe.

Looking forward to hear you in contest de Mario, ex YU1PCF from YU7BCD club,
ex YU3EA from YT3L & YZ3A contest site, S57MM and still N1YU.

>From SCB6%CnoGO%CTS at> (Samual C Brewer;223-1001;Com-Tech;Corporate Center M&O  Fri Dec 24 15:12:42 1993
From: SCB6%CnoGO%CTS at> (Samual C Brewer;223-1001;Com-Tech;Corporate Center M&O (SCB6%CnoGO%CTS at> (Samual C Brewer;223-1001;Com-Tech;Corporate Center M&O)
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 93 7:12:42 PST
Subject: Happy Holidays
Message-ID: <5h39+Ick4ha at>

      Hi Folks,
      I'll keep it short, Thanks for the qsl help and a chance to say 
      Merry Xmas to Slovenia as well. 
      Speaking of calls, thought I would look for a call with my name 
      in the suffix, but decided to keep my call.
      De Sam
      WN6W = We Need 6 Women   HAR!


>From sellington" <sellington at  Fri Dec 24 10:09:52 1993
From: sellington" <sellington at (sellington)
Date: 24 Dec 93 10:09:52 U
Subject: Single op status

While I'm sure some single-ops are watching packet, I believe the best of
the them are honest, and beat most of the cheaters through sheer 
operating skill.  I'd like to see the two categories remain separate.

Scott  K9MA

>From scott at f6.n143.z1.FIDONET.ORG (Scott Lieberman)  Wed Dec 22 02:50:11 1993
From: scott at f6.n143.z1.FIDONET.ORG (Scott Lieberman) (Scott Lieberman)
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 93 18:50:11 PST
Subject: W2CXM - Far Above Cayuga's Waters...
Message-ID: <1208.2D1B202E at kennel.FIDONET.ORG>

> Original Message Date: 21 Dec 93  08:01:08
> Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1993 07:49:21 -0700 (MST)
> After seeing the "On Wisconsin!" msg I was curious - How 
> many W2CXM alumni
> are on here?? I am aware of myself, K1EA, WB2CPU, K3RV (not 
> on reflector).
> Anyone else out there??
> 73 - Bill - N8ET
> kelsey at
KQ2M also went to W2CXM, with some of that time spent at Cornell.
Scott Lieberman
INTERNET: scott at f6.n143.z1.FIDONET.ORG
"The views expressed above are those of Scott Lieberman only."

>From tree at (Larry Tyree)  Fri Dec 24 21:07:47 1993
From: tree at (Larry Tyree) (Larry Tyree)
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 93 13:07:47 PST
Subject: Internet Sprint
Message-ID: <9312242107.AA12556 at>

Just a reminder about the Internet Sprint (SprINT) on Sunday, 2 January 1994
at 2300Z (Sunday local and UTC).  If you missed the rules, let me know and I 
will send you a copy (tree at

Tree N6TR
(California State University, Northridge, BSEE, WA6UUN (never used)).

>From geoiii at (George Fremin III - WB5VZL)  Sat Dec 25 00:16:15 1993
From: geoiii at (George Fremin III - WB5VZL) (George Fremin III)
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 93 18:16:15 CST
Subject: Single op status
Message-ID: <9312250016.AA15283 at wixer>

k3lr writes:
: Recently overheard a comment that sinle op and single op assisted
: should be combined into one.  
: In the ARRL DX contest the assisted guys are not beating the single
: ops.  Why is this?

well lets see -- here they are the 1992 arrl dx contest. mmm in 
the assisted catagory we have n4rj (op km9p) with 4.5M.
and in the un-assisted catagory we have k1dg with 4.0M. 
so what was the question again? 

: These guys felt that single ops are watching packet anyway.  So
: bringing the classes together would make things whole again.
: What do you think?
i dont think that the single ops are watching packet. if you look
at the cw results in the arrl contest last year you will note that 
k1zm had 3.3M un-assisted - while k3ww had 3.2M assisted. but if
you look beyond the total socre - how did these stations get 
these scores?  
k1zm had 2496 444 - un-assisted
k3ww had 2302 477 - assisted 
i dont think that it takes too much to see who was using packet 
and how just flat ran more stations. 
people are always looking for excuses to protect themselves.
ie. "The other guy *must* be cheating for him to have beaten me."

the statements by the persons you overheard are not supported by
the results of last years arrl dx contest.
this does not need anymore comment. dont change it - it aint broke.


George Fremin III-0140        
Austin, Texas C.K.U.                        
ph: 512/416-0140
geoiii at

>From WB1HBB  25-Dec-1993 0821 <wrothberg at>  Sat Dec 25 13:22:58 1993
From: WB1HBB  25-Dec-1993 0821 <wrothberg at> (WB1HBB 25-Dec-1993 0821)
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 93 08:22:58 EST
Subject: Single Op/SO Assisted
Message-ID: <9312251322.AA06066 at>

>>Recently overheard a comment that sinle op and single op assisted
>>should be combined into one.  
>>In the ARRL DX contest the assisted guys are not beating the single
>>ops.  Why is this?
>>These guys felt that single ops are watching packet anyway.  So
>>bringing the classes together would make things whole again.
>>What do you think?
>>Tim K3LR   k3lr at

What I think is that "these guys" are projecting their own sense
of ethics on many single ops.  I don't EVER watch packet while
operating single op.  My effort is my own.

If "they" feel we are watching packet anyway, perhaps "their"
logs should be scrutinized for single op irregularities.

[Good thing you didn't mention who "they" were, Tim. Boy, that
gets my dander up!]

73, Warren, WB1HBB

>From Ken Wolff" <jjmhome!!lectroid!jjmhome!k1ea!k1ea at  Sat Dec 25 20:48:21 1993
From: Ken Wolff" <jjmhome!!lectroid!jjmhome!k1ea!k1ea at (Ken Wolff)
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1993 15:48:21 EST
Subject: CT Version 9
Message-ID: <2d1ca716.k1ea at k1ea.UUCP>

It is time to start on CT Version 9. Please tell me what you want! I
can't promise to deliver any particular feature, but I'll certainly 
take all suggestions seriously.

Some of the features under consideration already are:

1> Complete control of CW sending including variable weight and spacing, 
automatic speed changes in the messages (F1, F2, etc), paddle input through
the line printer port.

2> Band maps. Sources of input would be packet spots, stations worked,
stations heard but not worked. Color coded display which scrolls about
the current radio frequency.

3> Generic contests. You define the rules.

4> Simple day-to-day logging. 

5> Control of window size, position and colors.

6> Support for OS2, Windows, Windows NT, Mac

7> Single-Multi support. One op, one computer, two radios.

8> Busted call detection. Maintain a set of rules which attempt to flag
callsigns out of the normal callsign structure for a country.

9> Enhanced Check Partial and Super Check Partial performance, improving
character-by-character check speed. Allow the '?' and '*' wildcards to
mimic the DOS wildcards.

10> Please vote on the N6TR context sensitive data entry concept. That is,
let program place info in the correct field based the format of the info.
For example, a two digit number is automatically a check in SS, or FN32
is recognized as a grid square in the VHF test.

11> Additional European contests such as European FD and VHF contests.

Just as I dropped	support for computers without hard drives several
years ago, it's time to leave 8086 and 80286 machines behind. CT86.EXE
and CT286.EXE keep breaking due to limitations in the CPU chip and my
compiler. If this is a problem, I want to hear about it.

73 and Happy Holidays

Ken Wolff K1EA

>From Tim Totten <kj4vh at>  Sat Dec 25 22:13:01 1993
From: Tim Totten <kj4vh at> (Tim Totten)
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1993 17:13:01 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Contest Expeditions
Message-ID: <Pine.3.88.9312251638.B29248-0100000 at coplex>

On Thu, 23 Dec 1993, k3lr wrote:

> I wonder how many guys feel that the number of Contest Expeditions
> would increase in the ARRL contests if these scores would count for
> your club totals? (Like CQ....)  
> Do you like the idea?

I'm not sure how much of an increase there would really be in contest 
expeditions, BUT I do think they should count toward club totals.

> How do you hadle guest/host situations?

I suggest that the score be counted toward the OPERATOR'S club total.  
The host is irrelevant.  Ditto for whether or not the actual operation 
takes place within the 175-mile circle.  I've never understood why that 
limitation exists.
I believe the operator should reside within the circle, and meet the 
attendance requirements, but be free to operate anywhere he or she likes, 
and still be able to contribute to the club total.  If I have the 
initiative to make a trip to VY1 for SS, or the Caribbean for ARRL DX, or 
some mountain top 200 miles away for the January VHF SS, my club should
not be penalized for that--in fact, they should be rewarded for my 
efforts!  Perhaps there is some historical reason behind the current 
rule, and I haven't been around long enough to understand it.
> How do you split multis with several ops from different clubs?
I kinda like the CQ method of making the club contribution proportional 
to the percentage of operators from that club.  This allows two or more 
clubs to benefit in proportion to the efforts of their members (at least 
in theory).  I can also see the benefits of the ARRL 66% rule.  I have no 
really strong opinions either way as to which is better.


  Tim Totten, KJ4VH     Home tel +1-502-239-6486  
  kj4vh at      Home fax +1-502-239-7766  
              Kentucky Contest Group

>From Tim Totten <kj4vh at>  Sun Dec 26 01:16:21 1993
From: Tim Totten <kj4vh at> (Tim Totten)
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 1993 20:16:21 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Club newsletter exchange
Message-ID: <Pine.3.88.9312252036.A849-0100000 at coplex>

As president of the Kentucky Contest Group, I also get the job of editing 
the club's newsletter.  We publish our newsletter on an ad hoc basis, 
approximately six times a year.  Recently, we've been exchanging 
newsletters with the YCCC, MRRC, and SOMC.  I would like to expand this 
exchange to include other medium or large contest clubs.
If you think your club's newsletter editor would be interested in an 
exchange with us, pse send me his or her addr, and I'll be glad to mail a 
copy of our latest issue.  I already have the addr for the PVRC (K3ZO), 
but I'd be interested in any other clubs.
  Tim Totten, KJ4VH     Home tel +1-502-239-6486  
  kj4vh at      Home fax +1-502-239-7766  
              Kentucky Contest Group

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