More 2 radios

Randy A Thompson K5ZD at
Sun Jul 11 02:41:10 EDT 1993

It's interesting to me that there is such emotion for using 2 radios
simultaneously in the Sprint.  I thought it was a hard enough contest

I have operated at stations with the technical ability to transmit on
multiple bands simultaneously for almost 15 years.  I have never done
this in a single operator contest.  My switch box only permits the keyer
or mic to go to one radio at a time.

My opinion that single ops should only transmit on one frequency at a time
is not based on creating "equalization" but on maintaining a sense of 
"decency" (whatever that is these days).  Decency says that ONE operator
may maintain ONE frequency on our over crowded bands.

Use as many receivers as your want - that takes real operating skill!
But don't clutter up the bands because you can tie 6 radios together
to one key or microphone.

73 - Randy, K5ZD

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