IARU HF Championship.

Alan Brubaker alan at dsd.es.com
Mon Jul 12 09:32:06 EDT 1993

K6XO  Single Operator, Mixed Mode.

Band     QSOs    Mult.

160CW      4       2

 80CW     25
 80SSB     1      10

 40CW     45
 40SSB    25      11

 20CW    133
 20SSB   153      38

 15CW     36
 15SSB    10      20

 10CW      2
 10SSB     3       1

Total:   447      82     109,634

Observations and highlights:

I checked the bands just before the start of the contest. Only a few
very weak signals were heard on 20, and no signals at all on 15 or 10.
At the start of the contest, it was just sunrise here in Utah. No one
on 160. A few stations on 80 - ZL, VK, JA, KL7. 40 was fairly good.
A VK5 called me on 40 SSB. Went to 20 at 1300 - it was finally starting
to open. The whole world was coming in, but not very well. First EU in
the log (OM3CBU) at 1318 - a difficult QSO. HS0AC very strong. Took a
break to go shopping. Checked 15 at 1700 - surprise! Marginal opening
to EU! They can hardly hear me through the QRM. I can only hear the
big stations and they are weak. A few difficult QSOs on SSB - lots of
"thanks for zone 6". A little better on CW, but unable to run any EU.
Around 1730 15 is a bit better, but the rate is too low. Checked 10
meters. Here is a KB7 calling someone - no answer. He is S9+10. I call
him - he is in Washington State. He is the only signal on the whole
band. I call CQ - no answer - not even a local. So much for 10 meters.
EU is weak but workable all day on 15. 20 is a bit better, and EU is
quite strong in the afternoon. Still not good enough to run very well,
though. We go out for the evening, so I miss what is usually prime
time on 20 (and the other bands, for that matter). Back home at 0500 
- check 160 - VE5DX is the only QSO. Jim thanks me for zone 6. Back to 
80. Good for a while. 40 - good for a while. A few QSOs on 20 then back 
to 160. 3 QSOs with zone 6. Off to bed. About 11 hours of operation. 
Thanks all for the QSOs.

Station rundown:  TS930, Henry 2K ~1200 watts out (80 - 10).

Antennas:  160 Inverted L
            80 Vertical Quad Loop (not high enough). 
            40 Ground Plane @ 15 ' (best antenna I have ever had on 40).
            20 3 el. homebrew monobander @ 41'.
            15 3 el. homebrew monobander @ 51'.
            10 1/2 wavelength sloping dipole.

Alan, K6XO

alan at dsd.es.com

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