W2LPL Score Breakdown

pescatore_jt%ncsd.dnet at gte.com pescatore_jt%ncsd.dnet at gte.com
Tue Nov 30 07:51:25 EST 1993

W3LPL Breakdown:

160	188	20	68
80	1167	33	117
40	1760	38	153
20	1675	38	153
15	1269	34	132
10	358	25	83
TOT:	6417	188	706  = 16M (ABOUT 2.8 PTS/QSO)

Multi-Multi Comparison:

STN   160	 80	      40	   20	       15	   10
W3LPL 188/20/68  1167/33/117  1760/38/153  1675/38/153  1269/34/132 358/25/83
K1AR  181/24/82  903/34/117   1593/38/149  1783/39/156  1161/36/134 177/27/82
N2RM  228/20/76  929/31/114   1679/38/148  1681/38/149  875/35/129  319/24/83
K3LR  192/22/72  784/34/111   1187/38/148  1587/38/155  1263/35/141 209/23/75

Miscellaneous notes:

1. Conditions did seem to favor the south (of the east coast, anyway.) I bet a
serious multi at N4ZC could have had a chance this year. As N2IC and KM3T have
said, since the flux numbers were decent the absorption must have been high. If
you could get to EU without going near the pole you were in good shape.
2. That is a fantastic 15M score from K3LR.
3. I changed my mind about supercheck partial. We didn't used master.dat, but
even just using the QSOs in our log that window would have been a big help if I
was looking at it more often. My on-air time over the past year or more has
been zilch, so my call recognition neural net was starting from the null state
- super check partial is slick in CT 8.
4. Boy, did the FRC/PVRC cluster have a lot of busted putouts. The unique
percentage was about 40%. I heard a lot of people bust pileups and they
probably happily logged calls like VU1ITU, 5H2PK, C57AHA.
5. Half the time he sent 5K1R, the other half HK1R.
6. Now I know how the rest of the world felt when the US scrapped its orderly
old callsign system to start issuing 2X1's etc. There ought to be a law against
calls like HG275BCS and S55SS.

pescatore_jt at ncsd.gte.com

>From Yuri A. Kurinyi <firm at kodash.chel.su>  Tue Nov 30 13:09:07 1993
From: Yuri A. Kurinyi <firm at kodash.chel.su> (Yuri A. Kurinyi <firm at kodash.chel.su>)
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 93 16:09:07 +0300
Subject: UA9AM CW 40 M RESULTS.
Message-ID: <AApNq-iST5 at kodash.chel.su>

Hello All!

UA9AM 40 m Single Op/Single Band Preliminary Results.

     1100   37       115      450 K

Have lost 5 hours - can't wake up after 1st 20 hours of contesting.
Anyway, I've got a lot of fan, 40 is a realy great band.
Used 3L monoband Yagi 40 m up (22 m above the roof), home made
TRCVR and classical PA.

Other RZ9AZA team were testing 80 m with 26 m GP and comperatively
low power at a perspectiv place for make a big station with big
antennas. They hade elecricity problem due to field day equipment
and finished work in 24 hours after starting.

Thanks to all hwo contacted me, Yuri UA9AM.

P.o.box 50, Chelyabinsk, 454899, Russia.

>From Ed Gilbert <eyg at hpnjlc.njd.hp.com>  Tue Nov 30 13:35:25 1993
From: Ed Gilbert <eyg at hpnjlc.njd.hp.com> (Ed Gilbert)
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 93 08:35:25 -0500
Subject: CQWW logs via email?
Message-ID: <9311301338.AA29592 at hp.com>


Is there a way to submit CQ-sponsored contest logs on internet?

Ed Gilbert, WA2SRQ
eyg at hpnjlc.njd.hp.com

>From Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton at engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM  Tue Nov 30 16:32:00 1993
From: Skelton, Tom" <TSkelton at engineer.clemsonsc.NCR.COM (Skelton, Tom)
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 93 08:32:00 PST
Subject: FW: AG6D CQWW CW M/S Score
Message-ID: <2CFB7C8A at admin.ClemsonSC.NCR.COM>

Sri for b/w...couldn't reply directly to Steve.


What is ur 80/40 stack referenced in the email????
Inquiring minds and that kind of stuff...

73, Tom WB4IUX
Tom.Skelton at ClemsonSC.NCR.COM
night we pointed a spotlight at the 80/40 stack while aligning it with
compass headings marked on the window in grease pencil.
73, Steve N4TQO

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