Tue Nov 30 10:18:47 EST 1993

Tim, rightly sez:

>When is CQ going to enter the 20th century. Why do they STILL require
>disk AND PAPER LOGS???? The ARRL is light years ahead of CQ in this
>matter with BBS and FTP/internet uploads or mailing only a disk. We
>just printed out the VP2VFP logs for CQWW SSB and there was a stack of
>paper 2" thick!! How many trees do we have to kill before they get the
>picture? If anyone else feels this way about paper logs, how about
>expressing your opinion to CQ or on the CQWW summary sheet.

Here, here! I second the motion.  When asked why they don't do it, the 
official response has been: "cuz."  And we're supposed to be at the 
forefront of technology? Sorry, but I had to kvetch. 73 de Walt - K2WK

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