KLM 80m Yagi info needed

Bill W. Cox [AA4NU] aa4nu at raider.raider.net
Mon Apr 11 16:33:54 EDT 1994

An older friend of mine has collected 170' of Rohn 55G and a used KLM
80m 2 element yagi for his "dream 80m stn". I'll be part of the "crew"
to put up, and apparently keep up, this setup. 

That's the reason for this posting ... What's the 'secret' to keeping
these 'monsters' "alive" as in working, not being worked on ? The antenna
came from another local who gave up trying to get it to work. Problems with 
the relays and such seem to be a "given".

Who has a "working" KLM 2L 80m that can suggest the things to do NOW 
before this project goes up in the air, or who to contact about this ?
Can this antenna be made to work CW and SSB ? What are the "right" element
lengths, etc ....


Bill AA4NU

>From Wirzenius Jari <HATJWI at HATMAIL.HATFI1.msgw.kone.com>  Mon Apr 18 16:07:00 1994
From: Wirzenius Jari <HATJWI at HATMAIL.HATFI1.msgw.kone.com> (Wirzenius Jari)
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 94 08:07:00 PDT
Message-ID: <2DB2A2A2 at msgw.kone.com>

I have been following the conversation of increasing power output of the 
transceivers and have noted that you have not discussed about the drawbacks 
of this.

One important thing to keep in mind is that your transmitters distortion 
level will increase according to your output increase. Also harmonic levels 
will increase while increasing the output power. The final power transistors 
usually can handle easily the increased power output, but they will increase 
also these unwanted features of amplifiers and the more you take the closer 
you get to the limits which are allowed for hamtransmitters (at least in 
Finland we have requirements). The higher the supply voltage for the finals 
the higher the output level can be (generally). It is the characteristics of 
the transistor which will tell you what happen.

Be carefull and check your output signal with a spectrum analyzer or 
oscilloscope after increasing the power!!!

73's Jari, OH2BVE
hatjwi at hatmail.hatfi1.msgw.kone.com

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