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Mon Apr 25 09:47:24 EDT 1994

> > >  The 1993 SS results are EXCELLENT.
> > >  My one complaint has already been registered by Bruce, AA6KX, in the
> > >  combining of the section listings into division listings.
> > >  David K. McCarty, K5GN

Concur on the former, however, I'm kind of partial to the combining of 
similar power categories, makes comparisons a lot easier. 

Greg, KD4HZ

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>From Fred Cady ieefc at" <fred_c at  Mon Apr 25 12:51:58 1994
From: Fred Cady ieefc at" <fred_c at (Fred Cady ieefc at
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 1994 07:51:58 EDT
Subject: Av Headsets, TS-50, CQ NASA/Langley
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Hello all, several things to ask the reflector group today:

1.  I tried on a Flightcom Model 4DX aviation headset the other day.  NICE!
    They really cut out the external noise and felt comfortable for the
    30 seconds I had them on.  Has anybody used these in a contest?
    Any thoughts about something like this as opposed to the Heil?
    The cost was $109 from Wag Aero in Wisconsin.

2.  I'm looking at 12,000 miles of mobiling this summer (Alaska, 
    Virginia).  I'd like to get a Kenwood TS-50.  Anybody with any
    thoughts on how that radio might perform in contest/expedition
    operation.  The review I read (QST) didn't sound too great for
    cw operation.  Nice mobile rig tho.

3.  CQ Norfolk, VA and NASA/Langley contesters/hams.  I'll be 
    spending 5 weeks there (5 Jul - 5 Aug).  I'd like to set up
    visits with contesters and would like to get other local info
    on the Hampton/Norfolk area.  

Have fun all you folks going to Dayton.  
73, Fred KE7X, Bozeman, MT
[ieefc at]

>From ken.silverman at atlas.ccmail.AirTouch.COM (ken silverman)  Mon Apr 25 16:36:50 1994
From: ken.silverman at atlas.ccmail.AirTouch.COM (ken silverman) (ken silverman)
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 94 07:36:50 PST
Subject: Need bed in Stouffers
Message-ID: <9403257672.AA767284610 at>

          The room that was promised to me with some friends at
          another hotel didnt materialize.  Anyone out there still
          have a room at the Stouffers that they are willing to split?
          I'll arrive Thursday, and bug out Saturday - but will split
          room costs for all 3 days.  Prefer a non-smoker, non-party
          suite (but will take just about anything ATT).  Respond by
          Internet or my west coast office number is: 510-210-8834.

          Thanks, Ken WM2C

          Internet:  ken.silverman at

>From Peter Reed <P.L.Reed at>  Mon Apr 25 14:28:19 1994
From: Peter Reed <P.L.Reed at> (Peter Reed)
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 1994 14:28:19 +0100
Subject: TNX info - N6TR LOG
Message-ID: <2308.199404251328 at solx1>

Many replies came in to my request. I have tried replying direct to you
all but have some returned messages so.....a GLOBAL thank you for all
the information. I have now downloaded it from NIC.FUNET.FI.

73...Peter, G4BVH.

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