JSTEINMAN at aol.com JSTEINMAN at aol.com
Sun Jul 24 10:51:39 EDT 1994

1st Internet Sprint. Interesting.
Operating time limited to first
hour, which was fine since no 40M 
antenna yet. It's good to be back on
the air from home though !
KT34A at 45' here, TS930.

See you next time.
Jeff  KR0Y
jsteinman at aol.com

oh, 85 QSOs ....

>From jsalemi at doghouse.win.net (Joe Salemi)  Sat Jul 23 23:51:39 1994
From: jsalemi at doghouse.win.net (Joe Salemi) (Joe Salemi)
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 1994 22:51:39
Subject: What is wrong with Voice Keyer
Message-ID: <426 at doghouse.win.net>

>On Fri, 22 Jul 1994, Morao Esteban wrote:
>2) Are annoyed by the fact that we sound *exactly* the same on each CQ.
>   (This is one reason I have a few CQs stored that sound different, just 
>   to keep these types of contest-bashers away).

What gets me is when you hear the CQ, answer, and a different voice
answers you back.  Always confuses me for a moment until I realize
they were using a voice keyer with someone elses voice than the current

Note to voice keyer operators -- change the CQ so it sounds like you
when your using it! <g>


Joe Salemi, KR4CZ               Internet: jsalemi at doghouse.win.net
Compuserve: 72631,23   FidoNet: 1:109/136   MCI Mail: 433-3961

>From Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207 at mcimail.com  Sun Jul 24 15:50:00 1994
From: Douglas S. Zwiebel" <0006489207 at mcimail.com (Douglas S. Zwiebel)
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 94 09:50 EST
Subject: contest summer blues
Message-ID: <34940724145043/0006489207PK2EM at mcimail.com>

I wanted to win (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Didnt' know what to do (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Got on 14200 (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Couldn't make one damn Q (dit-dah, dit-dah)
So I talked with the boys (dit-dah, dit-dah)
To find what to buy (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I bought me a tower (dit-dah, dit-dah)
It went to the sky (dit-dah, dit-dah)
With a KT34 (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I knew I would win (dit-dah, dit-dah)
But the damn East Coast (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Wouldn't let me squeeze in (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I needed more hardware (dit-dah, dit-dah)
And a brand new rig (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Some Heliax coax (dit-dah, dit-dah)
And an amp that was BIG (dit-dah, dit-dah)
In CQ World Wide (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I had lots of fun (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I found lots of mults (dit-dah, dit-dah)
But I just couldn't run (dit-dah, dit-dah)
So I put up more tower (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I hired a crew (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I bought CT10 (dit-dah, dit-dah)
And the DVP too (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I knew I was ready (dit-dah, dit-dah)
To make the top ten (dit-dah, dit-dah)
But during the battle (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I got stood up again (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Oh just what can it be (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I've done it all right (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Maybe change the rules (dit-dah, dit-dah)
To even the fight (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I'll talk it up on E-mail (dit-dah, dit-dah)
And gets lots of support (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I'll send it to Dorr (dit-dah, dit-dah)
He'll make a report (dit-dah, dit-dah)
They gotta do something (dit-dah, dit-dah)
To change contest law (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Don't they know I can win (dit-dah, dit-dah)
But I'm stuck in zone four (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Oh what can I say (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Oh what can I do (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Fin'lly got an award (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Thanks to KU2Q (dit-dah, dit-dah)
So without propagation (dit-dah, dit-dah)
And no runs to JA (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I gotta work sweepstakes (dit-dah, dit-dah)
And contest Field Day (dit-dah, dit-dah)
But I gotta work lids (dit-dah, dit-dah)
And get no respect (dit-dah, dit-dah)
This just ain't no fun (dit-dah, dit-dah)
workin' all no-code techs (dit-dah, dit-dah)
I thought I would quit (dit-dah, dit-dah)
But quittin' won't do (dit-dah, dit-dah)
So I'll type and complain (dit-dah, dit-dah)
Cause I am so blue (dit-dah, dit-dah)
de Doug/KR2Q

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