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Wed Jun 29 11:35:36 EDT 1994

<deleted stuff about inefficient exchanges> 
> But it is important to keep in mind that Field Day is a chance for
> contesting to be exposed to the "masses". It is probably the first
> contesting experience for many new hams, and probably does a lot to
> get them interested in contesting. We can't expect everyone to be
> a top notch op in their first contest experience.

At our FD, there were no contest regulars other than me (and I
am more of a wanna-be) and furthermore, two people that are
not licensed yet.  I made a _very_explicit_ script of a short
contest exchange and posted it.  I told the old timers that it
was for the not-yet-licensed folks, so that they could follow
what was going on and get over mic-fright. ;-)

73, Dave NG0X, control operator and dupe-sheet explainer
Intel Emergency Amateur Radio Service (Santa Clara branch) FD team

> Chris KU4A
> N4AR Field Day team
> Kentucky Contest Group

>From MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH <smithb at>  Wed Jun 29 18:33:32 1994
From: MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH <smithb at> (MSgt Bob Smith/SCSMH)
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 94 12:33:32 CDT
Subject: Field Day From Hell
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I've always read what I thought were fictional accounts about
"MURPHY" visiting contest operations.  I am now a believer.

- Voice operators quit when the contest started because their
generator failed.  
-- I was scheduled to be one of three CW, ended up as one SSB
-- Voice operators installed A3 beam as one driven element and
two directors?!?
---  Ended up using Butternut vertical for voice, spent two 
hours Saturday evening troubleshooting it when the coax got 
kicked off.  (Or spent two hours in the rain Saturday evening
washing my Tshirt while wearing it)
- CW station TS930 failed @ 0300 Sunday morning, all operators 
went home.
- Original field day site was under water, TV station didn't
find us until Sunday, got interviewed after being up for 28 hours
with no shower.

Other stuff to painful to confess yet.  May be able to talk about
after extensive grief counseling.

See ya next year, 

73 de Bob nd1h (ssb @ ke0a 2a nd)

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