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No Wayne, you did not read between the lines correctly. In his
original post VE6SH stated that he (himself) had a "pet peeve"
(his words) with software pirates and that the ARRL should enact
rules to address the problem in contests. It is inappropriate, IMHO,
for the ARRL to be addressing what is clearly a legal issue. It is
also inappropriate for the ARRL to be the weapon in someone's private
battle. It reminds me a lot of the calls I received when I was Section
Manager for IL ('88 - '90). They were along the line of 'This is a
really big problem for me and I want the ARRL to fix it NOW!' I agree
that peer pressure is the best way. Vague though it is, maybe it's the
only way.

Dave AA9D

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While Jim's request that the new FLA club be granted an exemption from the
ARRL 175mi radius rule because of FLA's unique shape makes sense, I would
like to point out that we have a similar problem in CA because of the mere
size of the state, and it's long N-S axis. To be more specific, we already
have Northern California and Southern California Contest Clubs, and that
still leaves huge parts of the state out of the 175mi radii. To be even
more specific, I coordinated our SCCC Sweepstakes effort last year, and we
have some very gung-ho, active contesters out in the remote areas of the
southern half of the state who technically are nowhere near the 175mi
radius. The problem is not whether their scores add to our totals, but
whether we can increase club contest participation, and a feeling of
camaraderie. I'm not suggesting that the 175mi radius rule not be waived
for the FLA group, but that maybe there should be some further definition
of the 175mi radius rule for other unusual geographic circumstances. In
the most unfavorable light, I guess the waiver issue could be viewed as

Cheers and 73,

Larry N6AZE

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