WPX #'ing Problems

km9p at aol.com km9p at aol.com
Tue Mar 29 08:29:41 EST 1994

Why do you guys get so flustered at CT when it does numbering wrong?  I'm
sure N8BJQ doesn't care if you send a consecutive serial # from 1 to whatever
to every station.  I'll bet you could start the contest at 5000 and go
backwards and he wouldn't care.  You just have to send a number (different)
to each station.  Don't worry what the number is unless you are concerned
your competition might think they are way ahead of you!  If the rules say
consecutive serial number (I'm not sure it does).  Then just put a note in
with your log explaining the problem.  He's not gonna DQ you for a computer
glitch.  Steve's a real nice guy!



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