Warning about PDA's Logic

Leonard J Popyack, Jr. popyackl at ers.rl.af.mil
Tue Nov 1 11:08:01 EST 1994

On Mon, 31 Oct 1994 11:30:00 -0800, Michael L. Ardai wrote:

>I use PDA's Logic as a logging program, and until now, have not had any
>real complaints with it.  Unfortunately, it's licensing scheme has made
>it useless.  While I understand the need to prevent piracy, what they 
>have done is ridiculous.  Logic is shipped with a special license disk
>(non-standard format) that must be inserted during installation (makes
>sense) and *every time your machine's configuration changes*.  That includes
>whether the mouse driver is loaded, how much EMS/XMS memory is available,
>how many serial ports are plugged into the machine, whatever.  Because
>of this repeated 'Please insert the license disk' nonsense, I have misplaced
>it.  They are refusing to send me a copy (How can they guarantee that I
>am not trying to use it in two places at once?) and want me to call them,
>long distance, from in front of the system so he can give me a magic number
>to re-license it, until the next system change.  Do they really believe that
>a PC in a ham shack will not change its configuration frequently?  Did 
>they really lose that much due to copying and license disk sharing that 
>they have to screw their customers?  
>I am now looking for a new logging program for general purpose logging with
>an occaisional contest thrown in that runs under DOS (or SUNOS) - no Windows
>that will do what Logic used to do.  It should handle the QRZ callbook
>and have a log file format that is either available or easily decodable for
>making my own QSL cards.  Please send me any suggestions, and I will 
>summarize to the net.  
>Thanks very much.  This sure made the second half of CQWW after I had to 
>re-install DOS really fun.
Mike, you did the best possible thing -- warn others of this idiotic
licensing policy!  The best medicine for this company is lack of sales.
Copy protection like this has not worked in the past.  History ought to
be the best business school teacher there is, but some companies seem to
fall asleep in class.

Dump there software and try something like LOG-EQF.  It works under MSDOS
only (ie, no windows required) and is super.  I am sure there are others
out there too.  BTW, LOG-EQF has no copy protection on it and is worth
the small amount the author requests for using it.
That's my $0.02.  

Len Popyack, WF2V

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