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>From Robert Shapiro <rshapiro at netcom.com>  Tue Nov  8 22:58:50 1994
From: Robert Shapiro <rshapiro at netcom.com> (Robert Shapiro)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 14:58:50 -0800 (PST)
Subject: VP2E CQWW CW Expedition
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Brian (ND3F), Barry (WR3Z), and I will be operating M/M during the CQWW 
CW Contest.  We will be using the callsign VP2EZA during the contest and 
running two transceivers with no amplifiers.  During noncontest periods, 
we will be operating 10m-160m cw and ssb using VP2E/homecall.  Arrival 
date at VP2E is 21 November and departure is 29 November.

This is a Potomac Valley Radio Club operation.  QSL VP2EZA via ND3A and 
the other calls via the respective operator.  DO NOT QSL TO THE VP2E BUREAU!

We wish everyone good luck and may we be blessed with good conditions!

73, Rob

P.S.  We will be operating from the QTH of VP2EHF and VP2EE (Dave and 
Dorothea Mann).

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