Tue Nov 8 22:01:58 EST 1994

    In response to some comments on filters and their usage on CW. 
    Most if not all Japaneese radios use upper sideband for cw. A properly
operating tranceiver will have a receiver offset of about 800hz. If you
prefer using a lower pitch  try offsetting your RIT slightly to compensate.

Note: There are still quite a few DRAKE C-Lines out there with their offset
on lower sideband. Fortunately they can--- zero beat your frequency...

    There really is not a good excuse to call CQ in a 250 hz bandwidth.
500hz is much better with 800-1000 being the best choice. Save the 250 for
search and pounce.

Bob, KG7D

via internet"rkile at"

>From Randy A Thompson <K5ZD at>  Tue Nov  8 22:20:58 1994
From: Randy A Thompson <K5ZD at> (Randy A Thompson)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 22:21:58 +0001 (EST)
Subject: Part-Time SS
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9411082214.D7312-0100000 at>

On Tue, 8 Nov 1994, Barry Kutner wrote:

> Trey Garlough <GARLOUGH at TGV.COM> writes:
> > Nonetheless, I agree that time management is very hard.  I would like to
> > see the ARRL include "hours operated" in the line scores for all contests
> > as done with Sweepstakes.  The would give part time guys a chance to see
> > how well they did compared to people who operated similar amounts of time.
> Trey - I don't know about your experience with ARRL's time listing for 
> SS, but a few years ago I operated 4 hours, had a very good rate, and I 
> was listed as operating 24 hours. I dropped them a note, and they said a 
> correction would be listed, but it never was.
Unfortunately, the last several years the ARRL has defaulted the hours 
operated to "24" if they could not determine the number of hours from the 
summary sheet.  This is too bad because it makes it impossible to 
evaluate scores/op time.  It is difficult for them too because the 
contest logging programs often do not include the amount of op time on 
the summary sheet.

k5zd at

>From Randy A Thompson <K5ZD at>  Tue Nov  8 22:40:50 1994
From: Randy A Thompson <K5ZD at> (Randy A Thompson)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 22:41:50 +0001 (EST)
Subject: SS Stories
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9411082225.E7312-0100000 at>

I will again be doing the write-up for Sweepstakes.  Your comments, 
stories and impressions of the contest are welcome.  Especially those 
regarding close battles with local competition, or those with interesting 
personal stories.

Please send them directly to me.  Will use as many as I can.

k5zd at

>From Doug Brandon <dab at>  Wed Nov  9 04:58:58 1994
From: Doug Brandon <dab at> (Doug Brandon)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 20:58:58 -0800 (PST)
Subject: NF6H SS CW Score
Message-ID: <199411090458.UAA19941 at>

NF6H Sweepstakes CW

    241Q/71 = 34,222        

    Low Power (TS930S & HF6V Vertical), ~10 hours operating time

I was mostly trying to work as many multipliers as possible since I've
never gotten a sweep from home.  Probably more than a third of the
stations I worked came back to NF6S.  If you worked NF6S (who lives
up north) in the ORG section, it was me.  

Speaking of top ten lists, how about the top ten most often botched calls?

1.  NV6O <> N4BO
2.  NF6H <> NF6S

Even I'll admit to botching NV6O more than once.  :)

Not worked, never heard: ME, SC, PQ, SK
Not worked, but heard: MAR, YU

I don't know how I managed to work NL7VJ, he was 309 and I'm sure I wasnt
much better there.  Heard the VE8RCS pileup, but couldnt hear VE8RCS.
I didnt think too many people would have problems with PAC... seemed like
N6VI/KH6 was on 21.063 ALL DAY Sunday.  I sure am happy I started tuning 
around up high.  I tried CQing a few times with very little success, at
least I wasnt the only one.

I'd *REALLY* like to put up a beam, but my backyard is too small and close
to power lines.  If anybody has had decent success with a roof tower and
beam, please let me know.  The peak of my roof is about 17', and
I've seen roof towers anywhere from 7' - 17'.  Would a 3 element beam
at say 30' perform substantially better than my roof mounted HF6V?
Unfortunately I've never been able to experiment with antennas since I've
always lived in places with antenna restrictions until recently.
Please send any responses directly to me.

    73 de Doug NF6H

  Doug Brandon          Placentia, California         dab at

>From oo7 at (Derek Wills)  Tue Nov  8 23:40:56 1994
From: oo7 at (Derek Wills) (Derek Wills)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 94 23:40:56 GMT
Subject: NF6H SS CW Score
Message-ID: <9411090540.AA03712 at>

	>Speaking of top ten lists, how about the top ten most often 
        >botched calls? [NF6H]

	>1.  NV6O <> N4BO
	>2.  NF6H <> NF6S      

That's one thing the SprINT has been good for, you got a lot of
chances at learning those calls...

I just know that W5EHM is W5ESM in plenty of logs.  I sent it
right - that's what memory keyers are for, I even put a little
extra space on each side of the H - but so many people would 
come right back to ESM.  I'd correct them and sometimes get a 
"tu" but only about half of them would send the call again

I'm sure glad I don't have an H in my own call or a K at the end...

Derek AA5BT, G3NMX
oo7 at

>From H. L. Serra" <hlserra at  Wed Nov  9 07:18:42 1994
From: H. L. Serra" <hlserra at (H. L. Serra)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 23:18:42 -0800 (PST)
Subject: 6E2T CQWW Phone Score
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9411082340.A7022-0100000 at>


Band	QSO	QSO Pts	Zones	Countries
160	159	 315	 5	 5
 80	407	 819	10	 9
 40	819	1783	21	34
 20	793	1626	15	25
 15 	381	 840	16	31
 10	 68	 174	12	18
Totals 2627	5557	79	122   =   1,116,957


Excuses: No MULT radio (no MULTs);Murphy; Pendency of Proposition 187, 
resulting in delays at BOTH US Border Secondary Inspection AND Mexican 
Border Secondary Inspection; Incompatible monitor and no back-up; etc., 
etc., etc. 

QSO total not bad under the circumstancces.Good runs on 160 SAT 
night, 10M on Sunday (trans-equatorial skip to SA). Not one EU worked all 
test. Beach house on sandspit sticking out into Ensenada Bay great; very 
nice visit from Lic. Oscar Rivera, head of Mexican SCT (FCC) Tijuana 
office, and his son on Sunday afternoon-- great guy. Thanks everyone for 
all the Qs. We'll be back again for CQWW CW. 73, Larry N6AZE

>From H. L. Serra" <hlserra at  Wed Nov  9 07:26:12 1994
From: H. L. Serra" <hlserra at (H. L. Serra)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 23:26:12 -0800 (PST)
Subject: N6KI SS CW M/S Score
Message-ID: <Pine.3.89.9411082316.B7022-0100000 at>

1994 SS CW Score for N6KI M/S:

936 QSOs; 1872 QSO pts; 77 Sects = 144,144 points



Highpoint: Working Jay JY1JA 20 minutes before the end of the contest for 
77th section and a clean sweep. Low point: Ampl and rig failures causing 
2 hours downtime, and making us just miss 1000 Qs.

73, Larry N6AZE

>From Brian Bogh <0006125879 at>  Tue Nov  8 22:19:00 1994
From: Brian Bogh <0006125879 at> (Brian Bogh)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 94 17:19 EST
Subject: n7lox sscw score
Message-ID: <44941108221944/0006125879NA4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

    Was thinking that the mults would just magically
    show up. Boy was I wrong!!
    All & all I thought everyone seemed quite
    polite under very crowded condx especially on
    20 mtrs.
     Call used: N7LOX                                       
     Category: Single Operator Low pwr.                      
     band      QSOs     points
     160          1          2
      80         65        130
      40        178        356
      20        361        722
      15        117        234
      10         39         78
     TOTAL      761   1522   X   73 multipliers  =  111,106      
             Hope condx are better in the phone weekend.
                  73 Brian N7LOX

>From AGDM25A at ( KEVIN - WA8ZDT)  Wed Nov  9 07:32:51 1994
From: AGDM25A at ( KEVIN - WA8ZDT) ( KEVIN - WA8ZDT)
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 1994 02:32:51 EST
Subject: SS SPRINT
Message-ID: <013.01724896.AGDM25A at>

K4XU sez ... "due to a math error, I ended up operating 15 minutes over ...
now trying to figure which QSO's to cut! ..."

answer: "the last fifteen minutes, 0245Z -to- 0300Z, of course"

otherwise ... we must all operate the full thirty hours, then log-off our
poorest six hours.  I've heard of others using this interpretation ... is
it "allowed"???

How about an SS SPRINT category????  Some suggestions have been ... six
hours, ten hours (like NAQSOP), any twelve, best twelve, first twelve, last
twelve .... a SS SPRINT category would surely be a HIT!

Someday, (I hope) the SS will be shortened.   Forty years ago it covered
two weekends, like the Novice Roundup.  Then it was shortened to 48 hours,
and finally, around 1960 it was shortened (amid mucho oppistion) to the
peculiar present day 30 hour format.   (Old-timer's please help out here).

The last major SS rule change would have been around 1977 when we dropped
the 1.5 QSO point multiplier for "A" power QSOs?????  (remember that????)

Back then one of the toughest sections for a clean sweep was KZ5 in the
Panama Canal Zone!....

and SS super stations were W9IOP and W4KFC.

I dunno, its been sooooo long since a SS rule change ... it seems like we
may be stuck with the 30 hour format forever....  But add a Sprint
category, and see what happens ... (could work for the ARRL DX tests too)

     73 ... kevn ... WA8ZDT

>From Celia Tony Becker <becker at>  Wed Nov  9 07:46:48 1994
From: Celia Tony Becker <becker at> (Celia Tony Becker)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 23:46:48 -0800
Subject: Filters and Pitch
Message-ID: <199411090746.XAA17363 at>

Ward, N0AX wrote:

>I think the reason so many people call off frequency is that, due to
>fatigue or noise or whatever, it's easier to copy the call-ee a little
>lower in pitch than where the radios want everything to be centered.

I had a conversation with a friend who is a noted audiologist, and he says 
that this is a well understood fact in that profession.  Due to the way the 
Cochlea (inner ear) processes sounds, we are more acute in distinguishing 
pitch for the lower frequencies.  We are also more acute in distinguishing 
pitch for weaker sounds.  Thus, bad music sounds best when played very 
loud and screechy, where you can't perceive the pitch very well.

There is a point of diminishing returns, however.  The sensitivity of the 
ear to intensity is _not_ flat across frequency.  For moderate (not soft) 
levels in quiet, sine waves must be 20-30 dB more intense at 100 Hz than at 
1 KHz to sound equally loud.  Thus I copy CW with the RIT set to ~ -150 to 
-250 Hz, which lowers the pitch to ~ 500 Hz and keep the intensity 

KIDS: Don't try this at home if you can't make a similar adjustment in 
the receiver passband center, however.

Now if I could just fix my transmitted signal so _you_ all could hear me
clearly by just moving the XIT...

Tony Becker - becker at - Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

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