Late Delivery of CQ Mag Resolved

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Thu Dec 28 02:32:26 EST 1995

Like Ken VA3SK, Eddie EA3NY and Jim AH6NB, my CQ has been srriving very late
the last several months.  Normally, it arrived late in the month preceeding
publication, but lately it has arrived as late as three weeks into the month of

CQ patiently explained to me that they were using a new mailing service, and
that company was operating more as a store-and-forward operation.  Their
particular specialty, it appears, was storage.  They weren'e quite so good at

That new mailing service was fired, and timely delivery was anticipated for the
January issue.  

My December CQ arrived on 21 December.  Two days later my January CQ arrived.
I take that as a sign that the new mailing service is doing a better job.  

I know that this problem affected Canadian subscribers.  I do not know if other
subscribers outside the USA will see improved service.  

73, Dave VE2ZP/VE9CB
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