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Thu Dec 28 02:27:47 EST 1995

First time doing this one.  We need to do this more often!
I screwed up the first 45 minutes and sent the state I just 
received in addition to the name, thought I'd keep you guys on 
your toes!  Everything was sent by hand and logged on paper.

40m      60Qs  
80m      55Qs
115 total     with a couple low dipoles strung in trees at 30'

L A W D   ones:   K5GO, N4OGW, N2IC, KM9P, KM0L, K0EJ, Gator 
and there was a KR something or other that was in there 
occassionally also.

Odd names: Blaze, Lazer, Radman, Eram, Ace..... and what the 
hell is a FUQUAY and a BAGWON? 

Lost about 20 minutes due to phone calls and a bathroom 
break...  the pepto bismol didn't work in time.   :-)

Also, I have an older Logikey keyer and lost the manual.  Can someone either
mail me a copy or email the embedded functions to me?  I'll pay for the
postage and copying costs, plus I'll buy you a beer at Dayton!

And finally, all Society of Midwest Contesters that did not get
my direct mailing who want to be on a team for the NAQPs, 
drop me a note.   For that matter, I'll make a few teams for 
anyone anywhere.  Let me know how serious you'll be and what 
mode(s) you'll be on for. 

Oh yeah,     CONTEST    :-)


Paul  WX9E
wx9e at aol.com

>From Takao KUMAGAI <je1cka at dumpty.nal.go.jp>  Thu Dec 28 08:15:00 1995
From: Takao KUMAGAI <je1cka at dumpty.nal.go.jp> (Takao KUMAGAI)
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 17:15:00 +0900
Subject: **NEW** JIDX contest
Message-ID: <199512280815.RAA04747 at dumpty.nal.go.jp>

JIDX contest committee is pleased to announce **NEW** rule.
Previously different rules were applied to each contests 
(Low band, High band & PH) but now it is merged into one 
common rule.

Please delete old JIDX contest rules and keep this new rule 
for all future JIDX contests. The complete rule is bit lengthy 
but to avoid the confusion I introduce it herewith.

Information by email:
You can get results/rule by email as follows.
Send an email to the info-server;
	jidx-info at dumtpy.nal.go.jp
with the following commands in the body of the message;
#get help


** This new rule will be applied from '96 Low Band CW contest **

OBJECTIVE: For amateurs around the world(DX) to contact JA stations 
in as many JA prefectures as possible.
For amateurs in Japan to contact DX stations in as many DXCC countries 
and CQ Zones as possible.

Starts 1 hour(2 hour for Low Band CW) before the 2nd full weekend of 
January(LF CW), March(HF CW) and November(Phone) then will finishes in 
48 hours.

Low Bands CW(LF CW)
Starts: Jan. 12 1996(Fri.) 2200 UTC 
Ends  : Jan. 14 1996(Sun.) 2200 UTC 

High Bands CW(HF CW)
Starts: Apr. 12 1996(Fri.) 2300 UTC 
Ends  : Apr. 14 1996(Sun.) 2300 UTC 

PHONE	Nov/08/96 2300 - Nov/10/96 2300 UTC

LF CW	Jan/10/97 2200 - Jan/12/97 2200 UTC 
HF CW	Apr/12/97 2300 - Apr/13/97 2300 UTC 
PHONE	Nov/07/97 2300 - Nov/09/97 2300 UTC

Operating period is maximum 30 hours of the total 48, except for 
JAs, who can operate the full 48 hours. 
Off period must be longer than 60 minutes length and clearly indicated 
in the summary sheet.

  PHONE 3.5/7/14/21/28MHz (JAs on 3525-3575,3747-3754,3791-3805KHz)
  CW LF 1.9/3.5/7 MHz     (JAs on 1907.5-1912.5KHz)
  CW HF 14/21/28 MHz
  Except for the WARC bands.

        Choose only one!
   3-1.Single Operator(*1) High Power(*2)
       Multi Band
       Single Band
   3-2.Single Operator Low Power(*3)
       Multi Band
       Single Band
   3-3.Multi  Operator (*4)
   3-4.Maritime Mobile(*5)

All categories, except Multi Op, only one transmitted signal is 
allowed at any one time.
Single operator can change bands at any time.
*1  Single operator must do all contest related thing by himself.
    Single operator, single band contestants may only submit an entry 
    for a single band, though submission of check logs for operation 
    on other bands is encouraged.
*2  High Power: Output power 100w over
*3  Low  Power: Output power 100w or less
*4  Multi Op station must remain the same band at least 10 minutes
    when they make the contact on that band (RUNNING station). 
    They can transmit one other band simultaneously only when the 
    station worked is a new multiplier (MULTIPLIER station). 
    The 10 minutes rule will be applied to each RUNNING station and 
    MULTIPLIER station separately.
*5  /MM stations result will be listed separately but not eligible 
    for the awards.

   JAs   : RS(T) + Prefecture number(01 to 50)
   Others: RS(T) + CQ Zone number

   Only contacts between JA and DX(+/MM) are worth contest points.
(DX-DX, DX-/MM or JA-JA contacts are no point and no multi)
   1.8/1.9MHz ............... 4 points
   3.5/3.8MHz ............... 2 points
   7MHz, 14MHz and 21MHz..... 1 point
   28MHz..................... 2 Points
The same station may be worked only once per band.
No cross mode, cross band nor repeater contacts are allowed.

JAs   :The number of different DXCC country (except JD1) and CQ 
       Zone worked on each band.
       QSO with /MM stations is worth for Point and Zone multi but 
       no Country multi.
Others:The number of different Japanese Prefecture plus Ogasawara 
       Is.(JD1), Minami-Torishima Is.(JD1) and Okino-Torishima Is.
       worked on each band. Maximum of 50 (See the List) per band.

   The final score is the result of the
(Total QSO points) multiplied by (Total multiplier).
Ex. 100 QSO points x 59 multi = 5,900

8-1. All times must be in UTC.
8-2. All sent and received exchanges are to be logged.
8-3. Indicate the new multiplier only the FIRST TIME it is worked 
   on each band.
8-4. Duplicate contacts on same band must be clearly shown and 
   marked as 0 QSO point.
8-5. Electronic Log:
   Disk log: MS-DOS compatible disks are accepted only with the 
   printed summary sheet. The LOG format must meets the "ARRL 
   Suggested Standard File Format For Submission of Contest Log 

   Email Log: Request to send the instructions to the email address
   indicated below with the word "#get eleclog.eng" in the body of 
   the message.
     jidx-info at dumpty.nal.go.jp (For information request only)
   Then you'll receive the instructions by email.
8-6. Use a separate sheet for each band.
   Use a separate sheet for Multi Op, RUNNING and MULTI station.
8-7. Each entry must be accompanied by a summary sheet showing all
   scoring information, class of entries, name and address in BLOCK
   LETTERS, and a signed declaration that 
   "All contest rules and regulations for amateur radio in the country 
   of operation have been observed. JIDX Contest committee decision 
   is final"
8-8. The 18 hour non-operating periods must be clearly shown in 
   the summary sheet.
8-9. All entrants are required to submit dupe-check sheets (an 
   alphabetical list of calls worked) for each band if 200 or more 
   QSOs were made on that band, or for all bands if a total of 500 
   or more QSOs were made.

   Plaques and Awards will be awarded to the winners in each class 
in the World, each Continent and Japan. However the published 
Award Program has priority.
   The Single Op/Sigle band plaques will be awarded to the highest 
scorer regardless of the High/Low power category.
   Candidates for Combined CW LF+HF plaques for Japan & World single
Op must have submitted entries for both contests.

10. Special Prize:
   The free round trip ticket to Japan will be granted to the #1 
USA single operator in PHONE to receive the plaque in a year.
   Same station is not eligible for the prize in continuous years 
and the prize will go to 2nd position in the USA.
This special prize has been donated by Bear Kumagai, JA7RHJ/AA6PU.

   First(plus 2nd & 3rd, depending on number of entries) place 
certificates will be awarded in each class in every country and 
in each call area of the USA. 

   Any entrants who worked all Japanese prefectures (01 to 47) 
during the contest period can request a "Special Contest Award" 
with the separate worked list with free of charge.
   Stations callsign, time, band must be indicated ordered 
prefecture number in the list.

   A original log and a summary sheet will be requested with a SAE 
with one IRC but any log forms will be accepted.
All logs should be sent to 
   P.O.Box 59, Kamata, Tokyo, 144 Japan
The contest results will be sent with one IRC and SAE.

Dead line: No later than the following Post Marked date of that year
   PHONE  December 31
   LF CW  February 28
   HF CW  May 31

   The deadline will be extended up to 1 month if the JIDX contest 
committee accept the request with the reason by FAX or email.
	Email: jidx at iijnet.or.jp

Email log submissions will be judged with the time stamp of the 
email and it should be sent to;
   jidx-log at dumpty.nal.go.jp (Log submissions only)
The acknowledgment will be sent when the email log is received and 
the result also will be sent by email.

   Violation of the contest rules.
   False statement in the report.
   The decision of the JIDX contest committee is final.
	Tack Kumagai JE1CKA/KH0AM
	TEL:81-30-066-6408, FAX:81-423-93-4449
	Internet: je1cka at nal.go.jp

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