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Sun Dec 31 16:46:07 EST 1995

      I'm now as happy as a buzzard on roadkill! Thanks to the generosity of 
N6TR I am now have TR version 4.05 to practice with and so far I REALLY like 
what I see. I'll be ordering the newest version right after the NAQP and after I 
 sell off some livestock at auction. I have never participated in NAQP and have 
a few questions that I hope someone will answer for me.
 Are there certain times that you all congregate on certain bands like you do in 
the NCJ Sprints? What times for what bands? Are there certain hours that 
activity is least present? I.E. Does everyone eat dinner at the same time or go 
to bed 1 hour before the contest is over? Any freqs I should avoid? Contest band 
     Getting back to TR, does anyone care to share a Name.dat file? I have been
using the practice mode on TR but it has a limited call and name database. I 
relish the idea of inputting hundreds of names and calls in a fictional contest 
in order to create one. Many thanks again to those who responded with the N6TR
 shareware info and mucho thanks to Tree for letting us sample the goods before 
ordering. BTW, Bessie is doing fine. Thanks for all the warm wishes. And NO 
Bessie is not my XYL! My XYL gave up giving milk long before the cow did...
 73 de Ken er uh Clem.
 See yawl in NAQP de SC

>From Josh <jlogan at>  Sun Dec 31 15:12:09 1995
From: Josh <jlogan at> (Josh)
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 95 05:12:09 -464200
Subject: Help with pile up trainer
Message-ID: <199512312235.PAA22843 at>

I have PED pile up trainer by Je3mas.

I have small 8088 computer, 640K, and monochrome monitor.

I have audio but no monitor display.

I can enter call signs and answer stations but

no display!!!  Is this software hardwired for VGA color

monitor. If so, how can I defeat it?

Josh WX7K

>From De Syam <syam at>  Sun Dec 31 22:37:37 1995
From: De Syam <syam at> (De Syam)
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 1995 17:37:37 -0500 (EST)
Subject: CQ vs. CQ:  Who's Right?
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.91.951231172604.5307A-100000 at>

A long distance telephone call from Argentina, with LU7XP on the line 
with LU6EF on the air in the background, posed an interesting question:

Exactly when are the CQWW 160 Meter CW and SSB Contests?

January 1996 CQ,  Calendar of Events, Page 88:

         "Jan 26-28  CQ WW 160 Meter SSB Contest...
          Feb 23-25  CQ WW 160 Meter CW Contest..."

January 1996 CQ Contest, Monthly Collectable, Page 33:

         "1996 Worldwide Contest Calendar...
          January...CQ MAG CW L[ast] Full 22[Z]F[ri]-16[Z]SU[n] 160...
          February...CQ MAG SSB L[ast] Full 22[Z]F[ri]-16[Z]SU[n] 160 Test"

Will the real CQ please stand up?

                                 Very 73,

                               Fred Laun, K3ZO

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