ARRL DX Results--AA6KX

zf8bs at zf8bs at
Mon Feb 20 10:39:19 EST 1995

It sure is a different ball game running this contest from CA than
from the Caribbean!  And I surely do wish I had been back in ZF for
this one.  Things were a little slower out here.  It was nothing short
of painful listening to the east coast stations running 40 all night 
when all I heard was zip.  Still, conditions were outstanding for this
point in the cycle.  The best news of all was that the JA's seem to have
come back to contesting.  The first three hours produced some fabulous
JA runs on 15 and 20--then it was slow S&P the rest of the weekend.

Category:  SOAB, High Power
Eqpt:  Force 12 C4 at 30 (!) feet, inverted v on 80, dipole on 160.
       FT-990 & Alpha 87A.

Band      QSO        Mult
160        13         10
 80        79         26
 40       176         44
 20       300         62
 15       305         49
 10        31         19
---       ---        ---
Total:    904        210   ==> 569,520

Yes, 6V6U was just incredible.  They were loud here in CA the whole
weekend.  But there were also great shows put on by A22MN, 6E2T, XE1/AA6RX,
VP5PP, P49V, P40R, VP2E/WJ20 (where was he on 160???), C6AHE, and many
others.  This was just an outstanding weekend!
                                      Bruce, AA6KX

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