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Thu Jul 6 00:02:25 EDT 1995

WWDX 1995 Contest         Lampedusa is. PELAGIE group        Contest Activity

The Pelagie Group and Pantelleria is. has been credited from the WWDX Contest 
Commitee as a separate Country/Multiplier  for the  WW Contest  and has  been
called AFRICAN ITALY. A large group of  Italian Contesters leaded  by  I4UFH,
Fabio, and IV3TAN, Albert, has  planned a Contest Pedition  to Lampedusa is.,
in  the Pelagie Group, for the incoming WWDX Phone and CW.  All  the antennas
and equipments are just in  place,  a lot of effort has  be due in these last
month to  organize  these Pedition, the  island is not very easy to approach. 
The category will be multi-single or 4/6 single band depend from the operator
availabilty.Callsigns will be IG9/homecall,more information will be available
later ..

See you in the  Contest................ 
Please look for us..... this is the World Wide CQ Contest !!!!!!!!

73 de I4UFH, IV3TAN, I2VXJ, IT9GSF, IV3SHF and more .....

See you in the  Contest................ 
Please look for us..... this is the World Wide CQ Contest !!!!!!!!

73 de I4UFH, IV3TAN, I2VXJ, IT9GSF, IV3SHF and more .....

fabio.schettino at galactica.it

>From Felipe J. Hernandez" <0006627542 at mcimail.com  Thu Jul  6 03:21:00 1995
From: Felipe J. Hernandez" <0006627542 at mcimail.com (Felipe J. Hernandez)
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 95 21:21 EST
Subject: move them tennas 90deg!
Message-ID: <80950706022108/0006627542NA2EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

   Just a little note from actual live experiences, at kp4bz
 we had problems due to the short spacing between antennas  
 specifically with 40 and 15 in the same tower, both antennas
 at the same direction will make the 15 perform like a short
 dipole and a simple turn of 90 deg will make them live again
 and they performed beautifully!

                                gracias y suerte..
                                          felipe np4z

>From becker at shell.portal.com (Tony and Celia Becker)  Thu Jul  6 03:21:45 1995
From: becker at shell.portal.com (Tony and Celia Becker) (Tony and Celia Becker)
Date: Wed, 05 Jul 1995 22:21:45 -0400
Subject: Internet Field Day Challenge Deadline extended
Message-ID: <199507060524.WAA07610 at nova.unix.portal.com>

Several competitors wrote words similar to the quote below:
>Sorry to have missed the cutoff, but couldn't seem to get everyone 
>together for this.

Ah, now here is a problem we didn't foresee.  With a large group, and the
special multiplier required for IFDC, one week is just not enough!  The
problem has been complicated by my late return from a wedding in Idaho, (due
to an unexpected encounter with unidentified viruses of the intestinal
kind), I apoligise to those who had the superior skills or luck and made the
original deadline.

So, after a quick consultation we have decided to extend the deadline for
IFDC submissions to:

   midnight, PDT, Saturday, July 15, 1994

This seems to have been just as much FUN as we had hoped!  A few soapbox
comments to encourage all of you who qualify to send in an entry:

Working with the new operators was a blast. Had a 12 year old boy and 10
year old girl working the mike for a while, with me logging and coaching.
Probably the most fun I ever had on Field Day (I've been through a few!). 
(Chas, N8RR)

This may be the first time a single club has run two separate 2A operations
and scored them both in the Top-10. Watch the QST results for W5NN vs N5FD.
(Roy, AD5Q)

My novice station was a bust so Im adding more Tech stations in hopes of
gettin them out.  I did find a brand new Extra who just got his initial
ticket this year... and sat down to a 80 qso hour on 20 meters!!  Nice for
his first FD/contest!  (Hank, K2UVG)

Barb's rate improved to 120+ during her wee hours on 40m SSB after she had
groked the Sump Pump Theory of Pileup Management: "Either you work 'em
faster than they leak into the pile, you drown, or you bail."  (Dave, W6QHS
as transcribed by me)

I'll get a preliminary score summary out as soon as I get caught up with
everything at work, but certainly by this week end.  We will be posting the
winners by 1 August, and sending out those plaques and special personalized
Field Day Clean Sweep BROOM and DUSTPAN souvenir sized mementos soon after,
so get your entry in!

P.S. Dave reports that one CAC member has asked him whether SS type
multipliers ought to be added to Field Day scoring.  There ought to be a
thread in that one.
AE0M, Tony Becker - becker at shell.portal.com - Silicon Valley, U.S.A.

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