IARU HF: prelim W1AW numbers

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Fri Jul 7 03:01:14 EDT 1995

I'll have more details in a few days but here are the W1AW numbers from the 
IARU HF Championship (multi-multi, HQ station category):

Band	QSOs	Zones	HQ 

160	  98	   8	 5
 80	1002	  23	 9
 40	1314	  34	14
 20	3911	  57	20
 15	1995	  35	20
 10	1445	  20	 9
Total	9765	 177	77  = 6,898,894


FB conditions!!!   73 - Tom

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>From k3ww at fast.net (Charles Fulp)  Mon Jul 10 03:46:52 1995
From: k3ww at fast.net (Charles Fulp) (Charles Fulp)
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 1995 02:46:52 +0000
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        My first post from new address, no out going charges so hope I can
control myself.  (I tried to reply to W2UP and It may have gone to the
group...I dont think I overly embarassed myself if it did)
I did the IARU this year as a practice session, in the remote event that I
might have the opportunity to participate in the WRTC 96 next summer.  I
ran barefoot  84 to 137 watts depending on frequency.  IC 781.  I limited
myself to a TH7 at 60 feet turned by a ring rotor, an 80 dipole up about 40
feet in the center, and my 402CD at 77 feet fixed at 80 degrees to simulate
a dipole on 40 as best as I could.  160 I used an inverted L.  To see what
the 10 minute rule was like, I also ran a minimum of 10 minutes per band
change, using left over time to decide where to go next, once I got tired
of the 2nd radio.
160     13      21      3     1
 80     43      77      5     8
 40    286     980     17    13
 20    483    1995     29    14
 15    197     695     22    10
 10     46     152      6     3
total 1068    3920     82    49  = 513,520 points  
Worked mostly CW, running well on 40/20/15 went to phone to scarf mults
and called some CQs to kill time on sparce bands, most W's were worked
off the back of the TH7.  No answer from most DX on 160, some tough QSOS
on 80.  17.1 hours total operating time, 24 hours is fine for this contest,
but sure is a pain knowing that when an opening passes, there is no chance 
to catch up the second day.
73  Chas  k3ww at fast.net
I still read mail to the old address as well.

>From John C. Goller" <0007490835 at mcimail.com  Mon Jul 10 04:41:00 1995
From: John C. Goller" <0007490835 at mcimail.com (John C. Goller)
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 95 22:41 EST
Subject: Packet & Field Day
Message-ID: <65950710034156/0007490835PJ4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Packet & Field Day
After reading K2WK's msg with the Scores for W2GD/ Field Day.
(they had 105 Packet QSO's on Packet Cluster)....(we had 61
QSO's on Packet Cluster as KR9U / Field Day)...and I also thank
the Enlightened SYSOP's & Users who helped us out...
    I am curious as to why some sysops object to the use of 
Packet/Cluster for Field Day QSO's? Most of the sysops are also 
contesters and so are a lot of the users. The ARRL, whether you 
or I agree with them or not, is encouraging the use of packet 
and digipeaters by offering not only the bonus 100 points but 
"Free Station status" for packet. At least on the Cluster it is 
One Operator to One Operator QSO's as opposed to "The Other Guys 
Club" where upon signing into there BBS the sign on message says: 
Welcome to the XX9XYZ BBS your 2A IN please give us a Field Day 
Report! And they check the HEARD LIST & LOG and write out their 
log! Also most of the SPOTS that were put out during Field Day 
were of Field Day stations and VHF spots because most of the 
DX'ers and Contesters were all out operating Field Day with 
there local groups! 
    My opinion is:
Field Day really is a CONTEST to many who operate it. Just check 
the POSTED SCORES. Packet Cluster is FOR contests, REALLY! Its 
only 27 hours at most out of the year. You can't hear very much 
DX during Field Day anyway. Ultimately the Sysop has a right to 
do what he wants, but why is this different than any other contest? 
Because it has no DX? 10 and 160 Meter contests barely have DX in 
the midwest but states are spotted! Would you want to operate a 
contest and not be able to take advantage of what others are doing? 
Especially when someone else wants to control your destiny because 
they have a burr up their butt about something they really don't
understand! OK I said my piece! FLAMERS FLAME AWAY!
k9uwa at mcimail.com

>From Ray Rocker <rocker at datasync.com>  Mon Jul 10 05:15:02 1995
From: Ray Rocker <rocker at datasync.com> (Ray Rocker)
Date: Sun, 9 Jul 1995 23:15:02 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: HQ Stations in IARU Test
Message-ID: <199507100415.XAA22262 at osh1.datasync.com>

I can add two to Fred's list that I stumbled across on phone.


I got on for most of the nighttime hours. The EU/AS signals on 20 were
not as strong as last year, and many of them didn't hear me. (Maybe
moving from north AL to south MS made the difference.) Like last year, 
since 20 was open all night, 40 and 80 had lots of wide open spaces 
instead of wall-to-wall big gun CQers. Listen, Jeeves, you can hear
the QRN...

I got more Oceania stations in the log than usual. More of them than
South Americans! Where were they hiding? Biggest thrill was working
three zone 39's within a half hour on 20 (OD5, C4, A9). 

CU in two weeks in the SprINT!

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