Need Contesters' Addresses for CQP Awards

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Fri Jul 21 17:20:38 EDT 1995

We have mailed all wine bottles, T-shirts, plaques, and certificates for the
last running of the California QSO Party.  All of these awards were sent to
the addresses listed on the logs.  However, some of the awards bounced right
back to us.  We're willing to give it another try, though, if anybody can
help us out with the addresses.  If you know any of these people, please ask
them to contact me with information about their CURRENT address.  In the
listing which follows, the address I have given is the one we used that the
U.S. Postal Service just doesn't like:
W3HDH:   Douglas R. Maddox
                3808 Godfrey Drive
                Columbia, MO 65203
WA5DTK: John Brewer
                1504 McCann Road
                Longview, TX 75601
KC6ACI:   Herbert C. Lambengco
                520 Fischer Street 2
                Los Angeles, CA
AA6YX:    David A. New
                1923 Tonja Way
                Santa Rosa, CA 95401
WB0IWG: James J. Stiles
                POB 1454
                Chambersburg, PA 17201
LU6EF:     <no address on log> 

                                                          73...Bruce, AA6KX 

>From John Dorr K1AR" <p00259 at  Fri Jul 21 22:25:18 1995
From: John Dorr K1AR" <p00259 at (John Dorr K1AR)
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 95 16:25:18 -0500
Subject: 1995 CQ Contest Survey - In case you missed it
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In case you missed the first transmission...

So far I've received over 70 responses! Not bad...keep up the rate guys!

73 John, K1AR

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Subject: 1995 CQ Contest Survey
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Here's the final version of this year's CQ Contest Survey. Feel free to 
give it a shot and send your answers back to me. If you prefer, the 
hard-copy version will run in the September issue. Thanks...
73 John, K1AR

                   1995 CQ Magazine Contest Survey 

Your Callsign (optional): 



1)   What aspect of your station is in most need of technical
     improvements or new products?

2)   What changes in your contest strategies (station design,
     operating, antennas) have resulted from the current sunspot
3)   Do you currently use a computer in your contest shack?
     A)   If yes, please answer the following (if more than one, list
          the fastest/biggest):
          CPU type        Operating System        Disk Capacity    
     B)   If yes, for what functions other than contest logging do
          you use your computer (check all that apply):
          Packet    VFO/Radio Interface      Rotator Interface
          Daily Logging  QSLing    Antenna Modeling    E-Mail

4)   Please list your Top-5 favorite contests in order of interest:

5)   Do you think that contesters show any more/less regard for their
     fellow "on-the air" hams than other operating groups (e.g.,
     DXers, net operators, etc.)?
     YES  NO

6)   Outside of contesting, what other areas of amateur radio do you
     actively participate in?
7)   How would you rank your abilities in the following categories
     (be honest!):
     a) Operating:  Outstanding Good    Average   Poor
     b) Computers:  Outstanding Good    Average   Poor
     c) Technical:  Outstanding Good    Average   Poor
     d) Mechanical: Outstanding Good    Average   Poor

8)   In a few words, describe your most memorable contest
9)   Briefly describe something that someone you know (or yourself)
     has contributed in the past 12 months to positively impact the
     sport of contesting.
10)  What do you consider the main reason(s) larger numbers of new
     contesters are not entering into our ranks?
Additional comments:

Return your survey responses to:
1995 Contest Survey
c/o CQ Communications, 76 N. Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801
Deadline: November 30, 1995

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>From prosper at (Brent Childers)  Fri Jul 21 21:29:57 1995
From: prosper at (Brent Childers) (Brent Childers)
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 15:29:57 -0500
Subject: WR-1000 Gears
Message-ID: <199507212029.PAA26314 at>

At the risk of sending something non-enflamatory.  Here is a request from
K5MR.  Please reply directly to Steve at the addresses listed below.

Tnx & 73 - ki5jc

Fellow CONTESTers,

I have located a gear fabrication company in Dallas, TX that can duplicate
the damaged gear in my WR-1000.  I believe this is the same gear that failed
in in many other WR-1000 rotators.  It is a cluster gear assembly.  The
small gear is about .75 inch dia, .50 inch thk and has 18 teeth.  The larger
gear is about 3 inch dia, .125 inch thk and has 60 teeth.  The gears are
welded together and pressed onto a stainless steel shaft.

The replacement cluster gear assembly will be fabricated using 17-4
stainless steel, condition H-900 (44 Rc) material.  The 60 tooth gear will
be tack welded to the hub end of the 18 tooth pinion, then the assembly is
pressed onto a new shaft with a .002 inch press fit.

The setup charge for the first piece is $365.00.  The unit price for 2 to 10
pieces is $90.00 each, delivery 3-5 weeks ARO.  The setup fee is a bit
steep, but the recurring unit price is not bad for a complete stainless
steel replacement that should be a lot stronger that the original.

I am looking to split the setup fee to lower the setup cost with anyone
interested in replacing the same gear. 

If anyone is interested you can send e-mail to me at  JTAYLOR at
(I can receive e-mail at this address, but cannot send.  Will reply via my
buddy KI5JC) or you can reach me via phone at (H)903-482-5077 or

73,  Steve  K5MR
Gunter, TX (near Dallas)  

>From biss at (Robert Biss)  Fri Jul 21 16:27:49 1995
From: biss at (Robert Biss) (Robert Biss)
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 1995 15:27:49 +0000
Subject: QRL and operating 'practices & habits'
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C'mon guy's, hasn't this one been beaten to the ground in the past several 
days....Is either side really going to change their operating habits during 
a contest because of what they read this week....I doub't it....

While were that gets me is when the going get's slow and the 
SUPER STATIONS start S & P'in and they plop ontop of one pile up after 
another and keep throwing their (station owner's) call in and the end result 
is "sorry worked b4"....

I don't have a BIG station but I have been able to patiently break my share 
of pileups in 1 or 2 calls but I can say that I had the other stations call 
before I worked him....

A lot of the garbage that goes on is because an operator doesn't want to 
take the time to listen....the RATE is the thing....and I will bet that not 
many listen to a frequency for  15 SECONDS as was suggested by a few....
that much time is just too precious to lose.

Have a nice weekend,  I'm going to work on the NEW QTH on a mountain top in 
WV.... c u hr next week....

73's  bob    K3ZNV

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