IC-775DSP Questions

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Fri Jul 21 16:39:29 EDT 1995

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subject: IC-775DSP Questions
QRL - is this Reflector in use?  No?
Okay, so I'm dreaming about this rig like a lot of other
folks. At 36.8 lbs, it might be a bit more convenient for
contest expeditions than some of the competition.  Not
knowing anyone who has one nor seeing a review yet (and the
reviews usually don't get into some of the little tiny details
that I like to know), I have a few questions about this rig for
anyone who knows.  I have looked at the flyers and they don't
give these details:
1. Does the sub-receiver have any filtering capabilities?
2. Do the main and sub-receivers show up in stereo or mono
   in headphones?
3. Flyer is unclear on whether there are 110V and 220V
   versions or whether it is switchable.
4. There is a jack for "RX Antenna Input" but how is it
   switched? Can you switch a beverage in/out?
Direct replies please. I will summarize if I get inputs. Thanks.
 73, Dave Harper  WD5Nirvana  <wd5n at msg.ti.com>

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