TGV Goes Public

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Wed Mar 1 20:57:52 EST 1995

In case you missed it: Our Fearless Leader's company, TGV Software, went 
public today.  Two million shares were priced at 16; they opened at 21,
and closed at 18 7/8.  (If you'd like to keep an eye on the stock, its 
NASDAQ symbol is TGVI.) 
(Yes, I know, this isn't *really* contesting stuff.  But -- someone from 
California (W6QHS?) once stated on this reflector that through the years 
he had discovered that contesters were -- almost universally -- well-above 
average employees.  And the postings I've seen on this reflector -- and 
the operating skills I've heard on the air -- clearly demonstrate, to me 
at least, that most contesters are, indeed, a "cut above" -- and our Fearless 
Leader is certainly no exception.  In investment circles, this is the type 
of thing that makes "management" a big plus -- and it makes TGVI a stock 
that I, for one, will be following with keen interest.)
73 de Walt, AC1O    "ac1o at" 

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