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Wed Mar 1 23:55:06 EST 1995

>>AA3JU sez:

>>Oh yes and in MARS circles both ROGER and WILCO are appropriate 

>>K0OD sez:
>> 100% of the time. It belongs only in old movies along with "roger

>This brings up one of my big pet-peeves.  If someone asks you to confirm ur
>callsign, information, etc., on phone, say ROGER, or if condx are poor, a
>series of ROGERS.  This is much more effective than saying "QSL", which is
>something that comes through the bureau.
>I don't know why this "QSL"  habit lingers.  
      N5RZ   N5RZ at

"Roger and Wilco are appropriate prowords." That certainly explains
everything. Imagine some poor Bulgarian trying to figure out what we're
talking about. I don't know what a proword is, and neither does my
     Come on guys. Five doesn't sound very much like nine. In the real world
most people just say "yes" or "OK", rather than QSL, or roger, or
affirmative, or (gasp) "10-4". In fact, okay may be the most understood word
in the whole world, which probably expains why the military doesn't use it.
     And we're playing radio, not giving landing instructions to a B-52 full
of nukes.

                  Jeff K0OD      jfsinger at

>From nv6z at (Ron Rueter)  Wed Mar  1 21:01:11 1995
From: nv6z at (Ron Rueter) (Ron Rueter)
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 1995 21:01:11 +0000
Subject: V44KAO the bad guy??
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Mike writes:

>Until we know all the details, please refrain from casting 
>judgement on 'KAO.  He certainly doesn't have to provide the mult 
>for us.  If all this got back to him he could very well make sure he 
>NEVER gets on during a contest again.  We lose...........
>Mike  N0BSH
>n0bsh at
At last, someone with intellegence!  BRAVO to you Mike


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>From Bob Patten <z002816b at>  Thu Mar  2 05:54:08 1995
From: Bob Patten <z002816b at> (Bob Patten)
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 00:54:08 -0500 (EST)
Subject: MFJ Voice Keyer
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On Tue, 28 Feb 1995, Joe Ham wrote:

> I just got mine--have run some tests with positive results--will find
> out for sure this weekend in the ARRL SSB

I think you'll be pleased with it, Joe.  Mine worked perfectly for my 
600+ QSO's in the Florida QSO Party for its test run.  I was using a 
TS-430S and SB-220 to a TH7-DXX.  No RF problems and good audio reports.
				73,		BP

>From Derrick Belbas <dbelbas at csdxp01.City.Winnipeg.MB.CA>  Thu Mar  2 14:19:11 1995
From: Derrick Belbas <dbelbas at csdxp01.City.Winnipeg.MB.CA> (Derrick Belbas)
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 1995 08:19:11 -0600
Subject: Contest and DX music, addendum (fwd) -Reply
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