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Thu Nov 9 20:05:00 EST 1995

CC: gary.sutcliffe at mixcom.com
Subject: NCJ CTT&T
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S&P  is  our  main  technique  (for  low  power  stations)  to get multipliers.
Generally,  I  go  to band's begin and go slowly from down to up, e.g. 14150 to
14350, etc..
When  the  propagation  open, I stay on any free QRG and go to CQ, just to have
high pontuation...
The  packet's  presence  don't make any diference for me. No way to compensate,
but  is  possible to ask for that rare multiplier for a QSY to other bands. Was
fine  to  have many rare countries on 2 or 3 bands last WW SSB, only asking for
QSY... Thanks for thats guys!
I'm not using two radios. No answers for this question...
73 Gary, hope cu soon!! Vitor - PY2NY  (PW2N)

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