Commercial use-2 Radio Contesting skills

Fri Oct 27 11:14:25 EDT 1995

I do market timing on municipal bond mutual funds for a living. A
combination of business growth and the key indicator for my daily buy/sell
signal being late recently has created a problem. Instead of having
a window of 35 minutes to call the mutual funds before the switch deadline
and make my exchanges, which used to take about 20 minutes, I have had as
little as 20 minutes and the exchanges can take 25 minutes. In order to
make up the time deficit, I have gone to two telephone exchanging. In what
is alot like going multi-mode and working phone on one radio and CW on the
other radio, as I did two weeks ago in CQP, I have been talking to a mutual
fund representative on one phone, while keying in exchange instructions,
account numbers and social security numbers into another mutual fund's
computer on phone 2 (some funds don't have computer access or allow computer
exchanging.) Obviously, there are alot of numbers involved, and accuracy
must be 100%. I honestly believe using two radios in contests gave me the
practice necessary to try this as a solution to a business problem.


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