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Tue Oct 31 06:07:40 EST 1995

Geez, I can't even get Microsoft (the biggest, baddest software company of 
them all) to acknowledge or fix bugs.  

In any case, should you have a problem with a QST advertiser, contact Brad 
Thomas, the ARRL advertising manager (kc1ex at will work, or 

Just remember that the cure may be worse than living with the problem.  Think 
about all those non-contester multipliers you worked over the last weekend - 
the ones where you gave your name and QTH, mumbled the zone number, and told 
them what zone they were in, maybe even in some language other than English. 
Then remember what happened when two, then five, then 25 people discovered 
you had snagged a new one and boosted your score.  They all called at once, 
over and over, until the non-contester went away, never to help out you or 
anyone else with a contest QSO again.  Many (most?) companies in the ham 
radio business are not in it for the big profits.  They do it as a hobby, or 
for the prestige, or because they are hams themselves.  

Help them all succeed, don't drive them away.  If you're dissatisfied with CT 
or CT support ask for your money back - but don't drive them out of 
business, it'll hurt the entire contesting community.

73 Tom

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>From Bill Turner <wrt at>  Tue Oct 31 08:33:20 1995
From: Bill Turner <wrt at> (Bill Turner)
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 1995 00:33:20 -0800
Subject: Spectrum Space
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At 10:48 AM 10/30/95 -0700, lun!shawn.lightfoot at wrote:
>CW may be old or antiquated, but as far as filters go, it's the only
>mode which we have the technology to employ filters good for 250Hz!!!
>73 de
>Shawn VE6PV
Waitaminit!!  Plain vanilla RTTY works great with 250 Hz filters -- of the
big three modes for contesting, it's my favorite, hands down.  Give it a
try, you'll like it!!

73, Bill  W7LZP
wrt at

>From Juha Lindfors <jlind at>  Tue Oct 31 09:43:45 1995
From: Juha Lindfors <jlind at> (Juha Lindfors)
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 95 11:43:45 +0200
Subject: OH8BQT CQ WW 95 raw score.
Message-ID: <9510310943.AA20737 at>


Here's raw score of OH8BQT at 20 m single low power

QSOs    zones   ctys
397     25      70

total some 68000

Equipment:      Kenwood TS-820
                Cushcraft A3S at 60'

It was hard from Northern Finland some times. Band was too crowded
for a low power. Thanks for all could hear me!



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