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Mon Apr 1 16:26:54 EST 1996

Well if you got in line during the WPX contest to work this bozo 
because you thought he was really on Kure Island / KH7 you wasted 
your time. He was in Hawaii. Legally he must be operating in a loop
hole somewhere, ethically I dont think much of the "ruse".

And if you believe in karma then what goes around will come back
around someday ~8^).

Anyway unless you need a QSL card from Hawaii save your postage.


>From jesposit at (Joe Esposito)  Mon Apr  1 16:40:00 1996
From: jesposit at (Joe Esposito) (Joe Esposito)
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 96 11:40 EST
Subject: Bad Sportsmanship
Message-ID: <m0u3meo-000121C at>

I thought that I'd try to see what I could do in the SSB WPX test as a
low power, single band (10 meter) entry from my mobile. The band
opened to South America for just a few hours on Sat and Sun afternoon
from this QTH.

After listening for a while, I found a strong signal from CX and
decided to make a contact with that station. This is how the exchange

CX7...  QRZ

K2YJL/M (replied with my call)

CX7...  The K2 station; your call?

K2YJL/M (replied with my call again)

CX7...  The mobile station; your call again?

K2YJL/M (replied once more with my call phonetically as before)

CX7...  Okay; got you now; you're 59580; what's my number?

K2YJL/M  Thanks, you're 59009.

CX7...  Okay; got it; thanks.

CX7...  QRZ

KA4...  (replied with call)

CX7...  KA4...; you're 59580!

So what am I saying? He never repeated my call or number but
apparently blew me off so he wouldn't have to waste time with the weak
signal. Then he gave the same number to the next station he worked. I
wouldn not have been offended if he just said that he couldn't copy at
that time and that I should try later. If I hadn't remained on
frequency for a few more moments, I would have ended up with him as a
contact in my log when he didn't log me. I think that is just poor
sportsmanship. We can't all have KW rigs. What do you think?


Joe, K2YJL/M

>From John Brosnahan <broz at>  Mon Apr  1 17:19:18 1996
From: John Brosnahan <broz at> (John Brosnahan)
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 10:19:18 -0700
Subject: QRO...the REAL story
Message-ID: <199604011719.KAA14030 at>

I am shocked and disappointed to learn the real story about
the east coast advantage.  I always knew it was more complex
than just an issue with the auroral oval.  I think it is time that
we honest contesters stand up and demand that all stations
keep to the legal limit of 1500 watts of filament power like we

By this time next year (April 1) I would expect all honest contesters
to have signed the following pledge.

**I promise to limit all amplifiers to a maximum of 1500 watts filament
power when operating with any commercial tribander.**

But seriously folks, I may be naive and, although I continue to hear
rumors about unnamed stations running high power, I don't know 
anyone who is. I personally know most, if not all, of the Colorado 
contest stations and nobody is running anything bigger than an 
Alpha 87A--of course we get them for half price because we live 
in Colorado where ETO is located.

73  John  W0UN

John Brosnahan  
La Salle Research Corp      24115 WCR 40     La Salle, CO 80645  USA
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