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tad.danley at nextel.com tad.danley at nextel.com
Mon Apr 1 22:16:48 EST 1996

     A friend at work has been mildly interested in amateur radio for a 
     while, so I loaned him my R4C receiver two weeks ago and we put up a 
     ten meter dipole at his place so he can listen to the satellites.  
     After hearing me on the downlink through RS-12, he wanted to get in on 
     the action!
     I invited him over to my very modest station (100 watts and one wire) 
     for the start of WPX.  After watching me for about an hour we swapped 
     seats.  I helped him through the next hour for about 15 Qs (hey...I 
     said 100 watts and a wire - what do you expect?!) then gradually faded 
     into the background.  He was hooked!  I wish I had a picture of the 
     look on his face when stations in Croatia, Russia and Bulgaria 
     answered his calls.
     He returned Saturday afternoon and made me sit in the second chair for 
     about four hours while he worked the contest.  Jay is looking forward 
     to the next ham classes in the Atlanta area.  This summer he will be 
     on the air as KF4???.
     I guess this puts us in the Multi-Single category for CQWW WPX???
     My only regret is I waited 22 years after I got my ham ticket to get 
     into contesting!
     73, Tad, NZ3I

>From Steve Sacco KC2X <kc2x at nebula.ispace.com>  Mon Apr  1 22:23:37 1996
From: Steve Sacco KC2X <kc2x at nebula.ispace.com> (Steve Sacco KC2X)
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 96 17:23:37 -0500
Subject: Amps for Sale...
Message-ID: <199604012229.RAA24138 at nebula.ispace.com>

No joke -  I found these in "for sale" Web page.  I've removed the seller's
e-mail address.

Steve KC2X


4CX5000 GG AMP

4CX5000 grounded grid amp.All commercila broadcast components with vac var
caps in all tuning and coupling pos.2-30 mHz at over 6KW
out.Fully metered with built in ant coupler.Unit is in 6 ft.cabinet and is
very heavy.220VAC single phase.Cabinet needs some paint but is in
otherwise VG condx.Located in Atlanta GA area.Will del in reasonable dist
but will not ship.Pics are avail if serious interest.


A fine addition for the serious contester/DX'er. Two Henry 3000D amplifiers;
one on 80m and one on 20m. These are in near-mint condition,
professionally converted to amateur service. New 3CX3000A7 tube, Pi-L tank
circuit, solid-state driver, dual Bird wattmeters built in. 30 watts
drive produces full output. These are commercially rated continuous key-down
, no time limit units. Cabinets are 24"X24"X44". Will take Yaesu
FT-ONE, FT-900, FT-990, or FT-1000D in trade.

kc2x at nebula.ispace.com

>From Brian K. Short" <ke7gh at primenet.com  Mon Apr  1 22:36:23 1996
From: Brian K. Short" <ke7gh at primenet.com (Brian K. Short)
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 22:36:23 +-100
Subject: Command Technologies Amplifiers?
Message-ID: <01BB201B.E00BDBE0 at ip018.phx.primenet.com>

Anyone care to share an opinion on Command Technologies
Commander HF-2500 amplifier for contesting use.  Pros/cons?

Also, where would one best solicit for clean used amplifiers
(if I haven't already)?

73 de Brian

>From aa4lr at radio.org (Bill Coleman AA4LR)  Mon Apr  1 22:04:07 1996
From: aa4lr at radio.org (Bill Coleman AA4LR) (Bill Coleman AA4LR)
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:04:07 -0400
Subject: QRO - Name Names
Message-ID: <v01540b07ad86022b7fd2@[]>

OK, I've had it up to HERE with this QRO business. It all seems like

Either lots of people are running excessive power, or they aren't. I've
seen messages that imply that this or that person runs excessive power, or
that they've seen lots of stations that are so capable. (Even a bunch of
April fools messages admitting to QRO operation)

Bottom line is this -- if you are truely concerned about illegal high power
operations, then NAME NAMES. Let's have the callsigns of the folks who do
this. We'll handle it ourselves. Let's tell them how we feel about their
illegal operations. Let's not work them in a contest. (I wouldn't ever
suggest you work them and then remove them from your log -- that would be
unethical) After all, we are supposed to be self-policing, right?

Without specific accusations, this whole business is nothing but an urban

Me? I don't even own a drive..., I mean an amplifier.

Bill Coleman, AA4LR      Mail: aa4lr at radio.org
Quote: "Not in a thousand years will man ever fly!"
            -- Wilbur Wright, 1901

>From Bruce Lallathin <aa8u at voyager.net>  Mon Apr  1 23:18:21 1996
From: Bruce Lallathin <aa8u at voyager.net> (Bruce Lallathin)
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:18:21 -0500 (EST)
Subject: "Pirate" QRM
Message-ID: <199604012318.SAA20450 at vixa.voyager.net>

At 09:30 AM 4/1/96 -0600, you wrote:
>Well, before anyone starts mentioning (bad-mouthing) calls in their
>WPX write up, pay heed:
>I was QRM'd Sunday on 20M by a person with a DVP who would go around
>and record other contester's CQs and replay them on my frequency.
>At first I was fooled.  He recorded a CQ by a W8 M/S and played it
>on my freq.  I told the W8 to go away and said that I know that he
>has GOT to hear me.  This person then recorded MY CQ and played it
>back.  That's when I caught on.
>This person then recorded NE9U's CQ and played that to me.
>(So Randy, NE9U could have been an imposter.)
>SO....if people were CQ'ing on your frequency without asking, AND
>you had no dialog, no "active conversation" with that person,
>chances are you were duped by someone with a DVP.
>WE9V M/S @ KS9K
>Chad Kurszewski, WE9V              e-mail:  Chad_Kurszewski at csg.mot.com
>The Official "Sultans of Shwing" Web Site:  http://www.4w.com/ham/sos
Hi Chad,
We had the same thing occur on numerous occasions. The person(s) that did
this followed us around I would guess for the "sport" of it. When I first
purchased my K1EA DVP several years ago, I thought that this type of qrm
would occur. Now I see some have elevated it to a sick art form. It has
happened to me in nearly every phone contest. I wonder how many stations
this person worked for us.....

Congratulations on the outstanding performance this past weekend!

Bruce AA8U  (KT8X M/S for wpx)

>From C. Logan Dietz (KE5FI)" <ke5fi at wt.net  Tue Apr  2 01:10:57 1996
From: C. Logan Dietz (KE5FI)" <ke5fi at wt.net (C. Logan Dietz (KE5FI))
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 1996 17:10:57 -0800
References: <199604011626.QAA24982 at comtch.iea.com>
Message-ID: <31607EA1.1985 at wt.net>

n0dh at comtch.iea.com wrote:
> Well if you got in line during the WPX contest to work this bozo
> because you thought he was really on Kure Island / KH7 you wasted
> your time. 

I worked him for the KH7 prefix and my CT version correctly placed him in 

Chuck, KE5FI

>From Bruce Lallathin <aa8u at voyager.net>  Mon Apr  1 23:26:51 1996
From: Bruce Lallathin <aa8u at voyager.net> (Bruce Lallathin)
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 18:26:51 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Bad Sportsmanship
Message-ID: <199604012326.SAA21317 at vixa.voyager.net>

At 11:40 AM 4/1/96 EST, you wrote:
>I thought that I'd try to see what I could do in the SSB WPX test as a
>low power, single band (10 meter) entry from my mobile. The band
>opened to South America for just a few hours on Sat and Sun afternoon
>from this QTH.
>After listening for a while, I found a strong signal from CX and
>decided to make a contact with that station. This is how the exchange
>CX7...  QRZ
>K2YJL/M (replied with my call)
>CX7...  The K2 station; your call?
>K2YJL/M (replied with my call again)
>CX7...  The mobile station; your call again?
>K2YJL/M (replied once more with my call phonetically as before)
>CX7...  Okay; got you now; you're 59580; what's my number?
>K2YJL/M  Thanks, you're 59009.
>CX7...  Okay; got it; thanks.
>CX7...  QRZ
>KA4...  (replied with call)
>CX7...  KA4...; you're 59580!
>So what am I saying? He never repeated my call or number but
>apparently blew me off so he wouldn't have to waste time with the weak
>signal. Then he gave the same number to the next station he worked. I
>wouldn not have been offended if he just said that he couldn't copy at
>that time and that I should try later. If I hadn't remained on
>frequency for a few more moments, I would have ended up with him as a
>contact in my log when he didn't log me. I think that is just poor
>sportsmanship. We can't all have KW rigs. What do you think?
>Joe, K2YJL/M

Hi Joe,

Maybe he gave 59580 to everyone! We worked a station that gave 001 to
everyone! Heard someone ask for a repeat and he said he didn't have time to
keep track of serial numbers. We logged what we were sent and moved on.
Don't take it as an insult. I figure you worked him, not a bad catch from
the mobile. Be proud of the accomplishment and "move on",,,,have fun! That
is what this is all about. If you start to take it too serious, you won't
have nearly as much fun.

Bruce AA8U (KT8X M/S for wpx)

>From Ward Silver <hwardsil at wolfenet.com>  Mon Apr  1 23:36:21 1996
From: Ward Silver <hwardsil at wolfenet.com> (Ward Silver)
Date: Mon, 1 Apr 1996 15:36:21 -0800 (PST)
Subject: KH7 calls
Message-ID: <Pine.OSF.3.91.960401153122.19346D-100000 at gonzo.wolfenet.com>

I understand it to be perfectly legal to sign /KH7 on the Hawaiian 
islands, just as it is legal to use the WP/NP/KP3 prefixes on Puerto 
Rico.  Nobody has jumped the gun, and nobody is being unethical...what's 
the big deal?  If I could use a weird prefix that was authorized and 
legit, I'd do it, too!  Why not...it's WPX!  

Kure Island will use KH7Kxxx calls (like Kingman's KH5K) to set them 
apart from the rest of the KH7 users.  Update your .CTY files, OMs!

Don't worry about the payback...Al has to deal with all the cards ;-)

73, Ward N0AX portable boring old 7

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