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Wed Apr 10 01:40:44 EDT 1996

We have a winner, after 24 hours, the one to closest hit the mark! 

 The reflector is a great opportunity provided by WN4KKN and his
employer...we're contesters guys lets make good use of it - maximize it - not
treat it like the way many other hams mis-treat the ham radio bands! 

The FRC newsheet has a saying on its cover each month that reads:
"Proficiency Through Competition". This is the type of attitude we need on
the contest reflector, it is a place where we as a sub-fraternity share
knowledge and are able to use it to enhance what we do best - operating.

Moderation begins at home. That includes amplitude - moderation and frequency
- moderation.

Watch your posts, some "kid" is reading them and we want him saying that we
are cool guys, that this contesting stuff is great. Remember when it was like
that for you?  

Now, lets clean up our act...otherwise I'll deck you in the halls of the
Stouffers when I see you next month!

Jim  zx
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I am astounded that a proposal to censor input to this source of information
has been found by some to be needed.  Contributors need to censor themselves
and not pass that  "responsibility" on to someone else.  I thank the people
responsible for making this reflector possible and they certainly  should
not be "given" the job of cleaning up junk mail for us.  


Ray, WQ7R

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