Elevated Guy Anchors

Ai7b at teleport.com Ai7b at teleport.com
Tue Apr 23 10:15:35 EDT 1996

	dave makes good points as always....i have used steel tubing for
	guy supports myself.  the turning moment that dave mentions is an
	important consideration.  i put a couple of pieces of re-bar in each
	tube and then filled them with concrete....i also tilted the tubes
	away from the tower 2-3 degrees.  

	steel tubing can be very expensive if purchased new.....look for a 
	scrap steel house and save a bundle!

	i also had a local welder weld guy wire ears on the free end and a 
	cross bar on the buried portion.  the installation never showed any 
	signs of tipping or twisting in the ground although the installation
	was not up very long.

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