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KWIDELITZ at delphi.com KWIDELITZ at delphi.com
Tue Dec 24 12:18:19 EST 1996

During the recent 10 meter contest, I heard a few stations making CW
contacts in the phone portion of the band immediately after making a phone
QSO. I dropped in and mentioned that CW contacts had to be made in the CW
subportion of the band. One guy said he thought that was the case, but was
told by two others that they had reviewed the rules in QST and nothing was
said about it. True enough, but I went back to when the full rules were
published and it is stated very plainly. This is an obvious case of cutting
TOO MUCH in the interest of making it easier to read the rules.

73. Ken, K6LA - Ken Six Los Angeles, KWIDELITZ at DELPHI.COM

>From iadiahfd at netins.net (Larry Lindblom)  Tue Dec 24 18:06:00 1996
From: iadiahfd at netins.net (Larry Lindblom) (Larry Lindblom)
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 12:06:00 -0600 (CST)
Subject: A Contest Thought
Message-ID: <199612241806.MAA31135 at insosf1.netins.net>

While working the ARRL 10 meter contest, during one of the slow hours, I had
a slightly crazy idea about a potential new style of contest.  The contest
would be based on the "triathelon" or Iorn Man contests we see on Saturday
afternoon TV.  

The contest could consist of an RTTY segment, an SSB segment, and a CW
segment. Within the contest everyone would be on each mode at the same time.
Possibly 16 hrs RTTY, 16 hrs Phone, and 16 hrs CW in that order.  There
would be no mandatory off times.  

That is all, no thoughts about how to score it, rules, details, etc, etc.
I'm out of my league in this type of thought.  Yes, it is just a thought.
If this idea is worth anything at all, I'm sure some of the known contesters
will pursue it. 

73 to All

WA0 (have an) Extra Terrific Christmas


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