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    Season's greetings to everyone, your family and friends.  Sincere best
wishes for health and happiness in this Christmas Season.

Best regards,  Steve  K7LXC

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From: va3na at MNSi.Net (Nick Grgic) (Nick Grgic)
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 18:27:06 -0500
Subject: Antennas
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I bought a new DX77 8 months ago. My problem is that whenever is raining
SWR on 10, 14 and 18 goes high and antena becomes useless on these bands
for couple of days. I talked to HY GAIN few days ago and I was told that
this is a design problem (coils for these bands are exposed ) and that they
are doing some modifications to fix this problem. Mechanicaly I am not the
happiest man with this antena but I would like to say that antenna works
fine especially on 40 and 30 (what can you expect from vertical on high
bands anyway). I was able to work some nice DX on 40 barefoot (ZL8RI first
day on 40 for example).

Merry Christmas to all !

Nick, VA3NA

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> Subject: Antennas
> Date: December 24, 1996 7:00 AM
> Been looking at the new Antennas (Cushcraft R7000 or Hygain Dx77) 
> as a second Antenna and don't have room for any radials. 
> Any pros or cons?  Plan on mounting about 8 to 12 feet above gnd. 
> Merry Christmas to all!
> Tnx Mike WD9AJY

>From W8IK at (Joe Subich)  Tue Dec 24 18:29:02 1996
From: W8IK at (Joe Subich) (Joe Subich)
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 96 18:29:02
Subject: RF Exposure Rules
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Just saw this on another (professional) e-mail list and figured it was of
sufficient interest to all here to be worth posting.  It had been cross
posted from the ARRL Letter list.  

Merry Christmas, a healthy and properous New Year to all ... 

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Special Bulletin
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Since there's no edition of The ARRL Letter this week, we are issuing this
special bulletin regarding this issue of high interest to the amateur
community. Thanks and Season's Greetings.--Rick Lindquist, N1RL

FCC Delays New RF-Exposure Rules

The FCC has postponed for one year, until January 1, 1998, the date for
hams to comply with its new RF-exposure regulations. The ARRL was among
those requesting the delay this fall. The League said that the additional
time was needed for the FCC to draft implementation guidelines that
amateurs could use to help them comply with the regulations--released on
August 1, 1996 as ET Docket 93-62. Among other things, the regulations
would require hams running 50 W PEP or more to conduct "routine RF
radiation evaluations" to determine if RF fields were sufficient to cause
human exposure to RF radiation levels in excess of those specified in the
proposed regulations. The ARRL also has asked the FCC to reconsider the
50-W threshold, but the FCC report (DC 96-112) extending the compliance
deadline did not address that issue.

The FCC announcement--which the ARRL obtained just before noon on
Christmas Eve--noted that more time would be needed for affected licensees
to determine that they comply with the new requirements. The extension
also will allow required changes to Amateur Radio operator examinations to
be made at the time other, routine revisions are made between now and July
1, 1998. In announcing the extension, the FCC said it disagreed with those
petitioners who suggested that the time extension "will have significant
adverse effects on public health."

Since the FCC announced the RF-exposure regulations, the ARRL has worked
with technically knowledgeable volunteers to assist the staff, the RF
Safety Committee and the FCC in coming up with a workable ham radio
approach toward RF safety. ARRL Laboratory Supervisor Ed Hare, KA1CV--the
ARRL HQ liaison to the ARRL RF Safety Committee--has spearheaded the
ARRL's effort. "The ARRL is very pleased that the FCC extended the
compliance date," Hare said. "As all parties involved tried to fully
understand the new requirements, it soon became obvious that neither the
FCC nor the ham radio community was ready for the January 1, 1997,
implementation deadline."

Hare said the delay will give both the FCC and hams more time to better
understand the implications of the rules and will give hams an opportunity
to evaluate their stations as the regulations will require (see "The FCC's
New RF-Exposure Regulations," QST, Jan 1997, p 47).

The entire text of Report DC 96-112 may be found on the ARRLWeb at (or click on What's New or RF Safety
News). See Happenings in February QST for additional information.


   ... Joe Subich,  W8IK  ex-AD8I
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       <jsubich at>

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