FT-767 Rig Control

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Mon Feb 19 08:30:05 EST 1996

Hello everyone,

I did it again.  Somebody sent me E-mail.  I printed it out.  I go to answer
the person only to see that there is no return address on my printout.

Would the person who is named Pete who asked me about FT-767 rig control
please identify yourself?

73, Dave, WJ2O

>From barry at w2up.wells.com (barry)  Mon Feb 19 14:11:22 1996
From: barry at w2up.wells.com (barry) (barry)
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 96 09:11:22 EST
Subject: contest locations?
Message-ID: <NLuJJD1w165w at w2up.wells.com>

Someone posted a note that the TO5 station was on Martinique and LZ0A was 
Antarctica. Can anyone verify this? The TO5 I believe, the LZ0 I doubt.

Also, don't forget to add LU6Z to your CTY files. It cam up as Argentina 
in mine (S. Orkney).

And lastly, there was a station signing MM2/callsign (logs not handy 
now). This came up as Scotland. How should this be handled to fix CT. I 
presume it's worth 3 points but no mult. Correct?
73 Barry
(still exhausted from those runs on 10 meters)


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>From Gary Hinson <"/I=GH/G=Gary/S=Hinson/OU=Internal Audit/"@national-power-plc.np.btx400.co.uk> (Tel 322-3796 )  Mon Feb 19 14:54:15 1996
From: Gary Hinson <"/I=GH/G=Gary/S=Hinson/OU=Internal Audit/"@national-power-plc.np.btx400.co.uk> (Tel 322-3796 ) (Gary Hinson)
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 1996 14:54:15 +0000
Subject: Wind-ups
Message-ID: <"51454191206991/49669 400*"@MHS>

At the end of CQWWCW94, I climbed a 60ft 3-section HD wind-up
tower at GW8GT to detach the rotator control cable (we can't
leave it in place because the local vandals like to pinch them). 
I *thought* the tower was right down because the winch cable was
slack and it looked fully retracted ...  

Shortly after I reached the working height (about 25-30 feet up),
whilst hanging on to the rungs with one hand, I reached up to
unplug the cable.  The top-section suddenly slipped down within
the middle & outer sections about 6 inches, taking up the
remaining slack in the winch cable and trapping my hand between
the rungs.  I'm not sure if it was the end-stop, the winch cable
or my hand which stopped it moving any further down.  

Luckily, GW4JBQ was at the base with the winching-handle in hand
(we can't leave them in place either), so he was able to winch
up the inner section just enough to release my hand and let me
gingerly climb down.

I got off lightly - a minor fracture (in my keying hand - maybe
not so lucky but hey the CONTEST was over!) and bruising, but now
I respect some basic safety warnings: climb a ladder not the
tower, wear a hard hat, wear and use a safety harness, climb with
a friend at the base (also wearing a hard hat), keep the winch
cable taught.  And *next* time, I'll insert a hunk of 2x4 through
the sections too (thanks for the idea).

73,  Gary  G4iFB     Gary.Hinson at natpower.co.uk

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