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>Speaking of which .... I'm planning to install the upgrade kit to make my
>C-3 into a C-4, because I got killed on 40 compared to others in my class.
>Force 12 says that you can install the 40-meter dipole element without
>taking the antenna down, by using sheet metal screws instead of rivets to
>attach the element mount to the boom.  Fine, I'm thinking, I have a decent
>cordless drill, but how do I drill the boom in the right place so that when
>it's all together the 40-meter element will be in the same plane as the
>other ones?
>I figure you're probably the guy who would know a "trick of the trade" for
>accomplishing this if anyone would.

Okay, Pete -

   Your plan to use the 40M element is a good one; the buzz is that even the
single element for 40 works well.  
   To be honest with you, it would have to be some sort of emergency for me
to repair antennas in the air.  I much prefer ground level but for the 40M
single element, you could assemble it on the ground (for measurements, etc.)
and then bring it up.  Since it doesn't weigh much, one or two people on the
tower could handle it.  Since F12 uses bent pieces of aluminum that are flat
on the top for their element to boom brackets, you could bring up the bracket
BEFORE you assemble the element and predrill all the starter holes or at
least mark them while using a small bubble level on top of the bracket to
give you horizontal plumb.  That'll probably work assuming that the antenna
is horizontally plumb to begin with.  Unless you're really after +/- 0
degrees to the horizon, a couple of degrees out one way or another is only an
aesthetic problem (here in Washington our bottom line is "will the JA's
notice any difference?"

73 and GL,  Steve   K7LXC

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