Tic-Ring Motor Assembly

AB5YG at aol.com AB5YG at aol.com
Wed Feb 28 05:04:14 EST 1996

Hello out there in Tic Ring land -----

Thought I would let y'all know that I installed the replacement motor
assembly yesterday. I disassembled the old motor assembly today and other
than some corrosion on the motor ground wire could find nothing wrong.  The
nylon gear on the pot shaft and drive gears did not slip on the shafts.
 There were no  pinched wires--- I checked the 10 turn pot resistance with an
analog VOM and it is ok. Ran pot through its entire range about 10 times. As
some of you told me - the unit is not water tight! ---- Everything comes out
pretty easy - but it will help if you have a spanner tool to remove the
c-ring from the motor drive shaft.

To remove the motor do the following:

1. Remove screw from end of drive shaft (has one gear).
2. Carefully pry up the gear off drive shaft and half moon shaft/gear key.
3. Carefully pry out the half moon key - It is a real tight fit - you can
   pull it straight out with pliers once you get it a bit out. You will pull
   it out at a right angle from the shaft.
4. Remove the C-ring using spanner tool or push off with screw driver - be
   carefull as it would not take much to break it.
5. Push off the nylon bushing.
6. Remove the 3 screws that hold the motor assembly in place.
7. Yep - If  you fool around with it long enough the motor will come out of
   the housing!! ** Important - Try to remember how you got it out!
8. Remove the nylon flat washer from the motor shaft as you remove the motor
   from the housing. That washer is the only thing that slows down the water
   entering the motor assy - The pot shaft and other shafts are not sealed
   either. Don't seal the cover plate -- you want to let the water get out!
9.Take note of the position of the flat washers inside the box that go
  the motor and the box - one has one side cut off so it does not get in way
  the motor drive shaft.

Replace pot or whatever ---- clean motor ground connection and apply small
amount of conductive compound such as what can be obtained from I.C.E. or

Center pot at 250 Ohms - 

Put it back together in reverse order---- Gently sand any burrs off half moon
shaft key

I feel that my problem was caused by the ring/motor jumping teeth.  I
thought, until yesterday, that the 160M EMI may have triggering the op-amp
and caused the tic ring  to run out of contol until the coax cable stopped
it. (after the coax tore the balun off the driven element!!)  If this had
been the case, the 10 turn pot would have been torn up as it does have stops.
 In any case, it is a good idea to get rid of any EMI!!  Bypass control cable
wires at the control unit terminal board with .1ufd ceramic caps. Plug
control unit into a 3 wire grounded outlet.  Work on tower grounds. 

I learned a very valuable lesson -- NEVER PUSH THE START BUTTON AND LEAVE 

Watch the meter at all times when turning your beam. If the direction meter
does not move when you press the start button turn the control unit off
immediately!  Something is wrong!  Go outside and check your antenna position
and coax cable!  Mine went from the stowed north positon CW to 360 degrees!
The position looked ok!  --Then I noticed the coax was wrapped tight and the
balun was hanging from the coax!!!!!!!!!!!! The control box indicated the
 position to be NORTH - I had tried to move the beam to 90 degrees and after
pressing the start button the preset light lit and the meter indicated NORTH
but did not move --  I could move the beam CCW ----  OH well -- live and
learn ----

73's and many thanks for all of your help  ---- Bill, AB5YG (ex K2MHJ)

PS - Hope I don't have to go up the tower soon - It's tough on my 55yr old

>From SHAWN LIGHTFOOT <shawn.lightfoot at lun.lis.ab.ca>  Wed Feb 28 05:03:00 1996
From: SHAWN LIGHTFOOT <shawn.lightfoot at lun.lis.ab.ca> (SHAWN LIGHTFOOT <shawn.lightfoot at lun.lis.ab.ca>)
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 96 22:03:00 -0700
Subject: AG6K E-mail adress??
Message-ID: <8BB952B.0065001EAA.uuout at lun.lis.ab.ca>

Hi all. Wondering if anyone knows if Rich Measures AG6K, has an e-mail
address, and if so, could someone pass it along to me.

Tnx es 73


>From Walter Deemer <ac1o at gate.net>  Wed Feb 28 12:15:23 1996
From: Walter Deemer <ac1o at gate.net> (Walter Deemer)
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 07:15:23 -0500
Subject: Contesters/Stock Market Correlation
Message-ID: <199602281215.HAA27674 at osceola.gate.net>

At 08:05 PM 2/26/96 EST, Fred Hopengarten wrote:
>Has it ever occurred to you that there is a correlation
>between contesting and the stock market?
>OH2BH is visiting with telecommunications officials and
>travelling to places like Albania, North Korea, China,
>Macau.  Hmmm.  Perhaps Nokia is expanding into new
>international markets like crazy.
>W6QHS... California Microwave.
>K1EA... leaves Stratus Computer; the company announces layoffs.
>K3NA... Alcatel.
>KJ4VH... UPS.
>K1DG... Analog-Devices.
Don't forget the Father Of This Reflector, WN4KKN/6.  His company (and the
home of this refector), TGV Software, was acquired by Cisco -- one of the
real technology "blue chips" -- just last month.  (And I'm told that Cisco
paid a substantial premium for TGV just to get Trey and this reflector <wink>.) 

-- Walt, AC1O/4

>From Charles H. Harpole" <harpole at pegasus.cc.ucf.edu  Wed Feb 28 04:36:57 1996
From: Charles H. Harpole" <harpole at pegasus.cc.ucf.edu (Charles H. Harpole)
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 23:36:57 -0500 (EST)
Subject: 160 m Contest dates
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960227233454.9279A-100000 at Pegasus>

Hello, I like moving the 160 M Contest dates.  Someone on this reflector 
recently said that during the winter solstace, 160 prop. is best.  What 
about that time?  So what if YOU want to celebrate Xmas.  73, Charlie K4VUD

>From Charles H. Harpole" <harpole at pegasus.cc.ucf.edu  Wed Feb 28 04:48:00 1996
From: Charles H. Harpole" <harpole at pegasus.cc.ucf.edu (Charles H. Harpole)
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 1996 23:48:00 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Contest cq-ing
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960227234259.9279D-100000 at Pegasus>

I, too, resent extensive contest cq-ing that is (1) on an otherwise busy 
and open band and (2) does not result in a QSO for the caller for long, 
long stretches at a time.  I heard lots of this kind of thing on the 160 
m SSB test.  Guys load up at 1.835.25, claim not to be in the window, and 
then call cq with no answers for twenty to thirty minutes at a time.  
Where is the Old Man with his Rotten Radio label, now?
Contest running is the big high (as opposed to the big sleep), but if you 
no get any answers, you not really running anything buy your overly large 
mouths.  Get real.  73, K4VUD

>From Charles H. Harpole" <harpole at pegasus.cc.ucf.edu  Wed Feb 28 05:11:56 1996
From: Charles H. Harpole" <harpole at pegasus.cc.ucf.edu (Charles H. Harpole)
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 1996 00:11:56 -0500 (EST)
Subject: My Heroes?
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.3.91.960228001107.9279H-100000 at Pegasus>

On Mon, 26 Feb 1996, Garry Shapiro wrote:

> You wrote: 
> >
> > My Mother,My Father,Ronald Reagan,and the Supreme Creator.
> >       Everyone else pales in comparison.
> >                       Ken KP4XS
> >
> Gag me.
> NI6T > 
. . . . . . . . my throat, my throat, aggggaaaaggg . . . . . .

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