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Thank you very much those who answered my question.
I acutually have got a HF7-V and was wondering if there had been
any difference between them but it's seemed no difference.

I've been working with this ant. for a year and I do think the
best band for this vertical is 40m. On this band both SSB and CW
can be expected good result. Nowadays, I've been thinking of
replacingHF7-V with HF2-V.

Anyway, I can enjoy HAM radioing with HF7-V and FT850 with
Collinsmechanical filter.

Thanks again.      Moe. JN3WYD/7N2MMX

>From foggie at dtx.net (foggie)  Wed Jul 24 06:06:27 1996
From: foggie at dtx.net (foggie) (foggie)
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 00:06:27 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: anchovies
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Welll... I was looking for a team challenge, but I know without a doubt that
anchovies can have nothing to do with CW. Therefore I volunteer to eat the
pepperoni during NAQP (CW). 

Of course there is a theory passing around that anchovies may be a built
in speech processor, so I will have to pass on this challenge during the
NAQP (phone). Besides it looks as if I will be gone that particular weekend.

Al - kk5zx (laying down the un anchovied gauntlet)

On 25-Jul-96 PEMS_ST_DK at noeca.ohio.gov wrote:
>>A famous anthropologist has theorized that anchovies link us to our
>primal roots. IF you accept Mr. Darwin at his word it is clear
>that all contestors are STILL trying to resolve the quest to reach
>out from the sea to survive and yet return to it for some elemental
>need. I volunteer to eat anchovieized pizza during a contest and
>check my rate to a NON fishy test.
>I fish-therfor  I AM!
>Please-hold the pepperoni-pass the salty little skeltons.
>slightly smelly
>but always fresh

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