Kenwood Radio proposals for "Truck stop sales"

Sat Jun 1 12:23:39 EDT 1996

The answer to this latest threat to turn Amateur radio into "CB" by Kenwood
is for all of us to boycott purchases of Kenwood products both in our
capacity as amateurs and in our business dealings. Another, long overdue,
answer is for a petition of rule making to the FCC for point of sale
authentication of a valid Amateur radio license for the purchase of
transmitting equipment.

DE John - WA2WYR

>From VK1FF at (Jim Muller VK1FF)  Sat Jun  1 14:53:15 1996
From: VK1FF at (Jim Muller VK1FF) (Jim Muller VK1FF)
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 96 23:53:15 +1000
Subject: WPX Logs Via INTERNET
Message-ID: <9606011353.AA07909 at>

Has anyone sent their 1996 WPX CW Log via Internet to N8BJQ at ERINET.COM
and if so, have you received an email acknowledgement that your log
had been received?    I sent my log entry about 3 hours after the
contest finished and haven't heard anything yet.

I ask the question for two reasons:

- I've sent messages to N8BJQ at ERINET.COM before and never received
  a reply.

- I've received email acknowledgements the next day for other contests.

In the past I figured I didn't get a response to my messages because 
he didn't have the time to respond.   But now I'm a bit concerned
their might be something wrong with the email delivery.

I'm not trying to start any flames.....I'm only interested in 
whether my log arrived ok - because if it didn't I'd send a 
hardcopy via snail mail.

73, Jim Muller            Packet:   VK1FF at VK1KCM.ACT.AUS.AUNZ
VK1FF/WB2FFY              Internet: VK1FF at

>From qrotec at (QRO Technologies, Inc.)  Sat Jun  1 17:25:08 1996
From: qrotec at (QRO Technologies, Inc.) (QRO Technologies, Inc.)
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 1996 12:25:08 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Kenwood "Truck Stop Sales"
Message-ID: <199606011625.MAA09698 at>

What is going on with Kenwood? Is it true they want to sell amateur gear at
truck stops? When did they announce this? This is hard for me to believe. I
have used Kenwood gear for the past 15 years. So, I am a bit perplexed. Can
anyone show me their formal announcement?


Ray C. KB8VU
qrotec at

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