Ground Rods Made Easy

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Thu May 2 00:05:53 EDT 1996

The water drill technique works very well in South Texas and South Louisiana
also.  The effort is reduced by a factor of ten vs. hammering them in.

73 de John, WA5TWL

>From zettel at (Steve Zettel)  Thu May  2 04:45:51 1996
From: zettel at (Steve Zettel) (Steve Zettel)
Date: Wed, 1 May 1996 21:45:51 -0600
Subject: Burying the mike
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For those of you that wonder what prompted Dick's reply to me earlier
today, I had responded directly to him about one of his posts:

>     Way to go, Paul!
>     Congrats on passing your general test.
>     Bury your microphone in the back yard and polish up your keyer.  Work
>     on your code.  Now that you are "over the hump", it will be easier.
>     If you pick up the mike now, you are destined to be a general forever.
>     Pick a goal like DXCC or WAS on 20M and go for it!
>     Dick

No truer words. As one who got licensed two years ago last month, and
upgraded to Advanced on Field Day the same year--then didn't touch a key
other than on the keyboard--I regret not building upon what I had worked so
hard to achieve.

I now struggle to copy what's going on in the Novice bands, and I imagine
there is some puzzlement what this guy with an Advanced callsign is doing
sending QRS to those 10wpm speed demons. Operate in a CW contest at this
level--No way!

So I am making a concerted effort to operate all CW from now until I can
comfortably do 20wpm+ in my head. I'm not going to limit myself to that;
20wpm and no writing is my short term goal.

Steve "The 'Slow-code' Advanced Class" Zettel  KJ7CH

>From bhorn at (Bruce Horn)  Thu May  2 05:40:58 1996
From: bhorn at (Bruce Horn) (Bruce Horn)
Date: Wed, 1 May 1996 21:40:58 -0700
Subject: Contest Calendar 96.5
Message-ID: <199605020440.VAA22431 at>

                              CONTEST CALENDAR
                         May 1, 1996 Edition (96.5)

Please send corrections and additions directly to me.  I will
post an updated calendar on a monthly basis.  Thanks to DL2DN, HB9HFN, IK5ROS,
K8HVT, N6IP, VE2PIJ, VE7SBO and W7TSQ for contest info.

73 de Bruce, WA7BNM   (bhorn at

The contest calendar is divided into two sections:
  1) CONTEST CALENDAR: Calendar showing dates and times of scheduled
  2) CONTEST LOG SUBMITTAL DEADLINES: Deadlines and addresses for
                       submitting logs for contests that have
                       already occurred or whose deadline will pass
                       before the next issue of the calendar.

Please note that you may not be able to operate during all of the total
hours of the contests listed below. Total operating time may also vary
by entry category. See individual contest rules for allowed operating

May, 1996

  ARRL 432 MHz Spring Sprint     1900-2300 local time, May 1
  Danish SSTV Contest            0000Z, May 4 to 2400Z, May 5
  MARAC County Hunters CW Cntst  0000Z, May 4 to 2400Z, May 5
  Ten-Ten Intl Net CW Contest    0000Z, May 4 to 2400Z, May 5
  Texas QSO Party                1400Z, May 4 to 2200Z, May 5
  MTARA VHF/UHF Contest          1400 local time, May 4 to 1800 local time, May 5
  Massachusetts QSO Party        1800Z, May 4 to 0400Z, May 5 & 1100Z-2100Z, May 5
  ARI International DX Contest   2000Z, May 4 to 2000Z, May 5
  Connecticut QSO Party          2000Z, May 4 to 2000Z, May 5
  ARRL 902 MHz Spring Sprint     0600-1300 local time, May 11
  ARRL 1296 MHz Spring Sprint    0600-1300 local time, May 11
  ARRL 2304 MHz Spring Sprint    0600-1300 local time, May 11
  Nevada QSO Party               0000Z, May 11 to 0600Z, May 12
  Volta WW RTTY Contest          1200Z, May 11 to 1200Z, May 12
  FISTS CW Club Spring Sprint    1700-2100Z, May 11
  CQM International DX Contest   2100Z, May 11 to 2100Z, May 12
  EU Spring Sprint, CW           1500Z-1859Z, May 18
  Baltic Contest                 2100Z, May 18 to 0200Z, May 19
  ARRL 50 MHz Spring Sprint      2300Z May 18 to 0300Z, May 19
  CQ Vikings Contest             2300Z, May 24 to 2300Z, May 25
  CQWW WPX Contest, CW           0000Z, May 25 to 2400Z, May 26
  World Telecom Day, CW          0000-2400Z, May 25
  World Telecom Day, SSB         0000-2400Z, May 26

June, 1996

  European Field Day, CW         1500Z, Jun 1 to 1500Z, Jun 2
  ANARTS WW RTTY Test            0000Z, Jun 8 to 2400Z, Jun 9
  TOEC WW Grid Contest, Phone    1200Z, Jun 8 to 1200Z, Jun 9
  Asia-Pacific Sprint            1230-1430Z, Jun 8
  ARRL June VHF QSO Party        1800Z, Jun 8 to 0300Z, Jun 10
  All Asian DX Contest, CW       0000Z, Jun 15 to 2400Z, Jun 16
  SMIRK QSO Party                0000Z, Jun 15 to 2400Z, Jun 16
  ARRL Field Day                 1800Z, Jun 22 to 2100Z, Jun 23
  RGSB 1.8 MHz Contest, CW       2100Z, Jun 22 to 0100Z, Jun 23

July, 1996

  RAC Canada Day Contest         0000Z-2400Z, Jul 1
  World Radiosport Team Champ.   1200Z, Jul 13 to 0600Z, Jul 14
  IARU HF World Championship     1200Z, Jul 13 to 1200Z, Jul 14
  CQ Worldwide VHF Contest       1800Z, Jul 13 to 2100Z, Jul 14
  DIE Contest                    0500Z-1300Z, Jul 14
  RGSB Low Power Field Day, CW   0900Z-1200Z and 1300Z-1600Z, Jul 14
  RGSB IOTA Contest              1200Z, Jul 27 to 1200Z, Jul 28

August, 1996

  European HF Championship       1000-2200Z, Aug 3
  ARRL UHF Contest               1800Z, Aug 3 to 1800Z, Aug 4
  North Amer. QSO Party, CW      1800Z, Aug 3 to 0600Z, Aug 4
  WAE DX Contest, CW             0000Z, Aug 10 to 2400Z, Aug 11
  SARTG WW RTTY Contest          0000Z, Aug 17 to 1600Z, Aug 18
  ARRL 10 GHz Cumul. Contest     0800-2000 local time, Aug 17 and Aug 18
  North Amer. QSO Party, Phone   1800Z, Aug 17 to 0600Z, Aug 18
  TOEC WW Grid Contest, CW       1200Z, Aug 24 to 1200Z, Aug 25
  Utah Centennial QSO Party      1500Z, Aug 24 to 2100Z, Aug 25

September, 1996

  All Asian DX Contest, SSB      0000Z, Sep 7 to 2400Z, Sep 8
  European Field Day, SSB        1500Z, Sep 7 to 1500Z, Sep 8
  North American Sprint, CW      0000Z-0359Z, Sep 8
  WAE DX Contest, SSB            0000Z, Sep 14 to 2400Z, Sep 15
  Islands Contest                1700Z, Sep 14 to 2300Z, Sep 15
  ARRL September VHF QSO Party   1800Z, Sep 14 to 0300Z, Sep 16
  North American Sprint, Phone   0000Z-0359Z, Sep 15
  ARRL 10 GHz Cumul. Contest     0800-2000 local time, Sep 21 and Sep 22
  Washington State Salmon Run    1200Z, Sep 21 to 0700Z, Sep 22
                                   and 1200-2400Z, Sep 22
  Scandinavian Act. Contest, CW  1500Z, Sep 21 to 1800Z, Sep 22
  CQ Worldwide Contest, RTTY     0000Z, Sep 28 to 2400Z, Sep 29
  Scandinavian Act. Contest, SSB 1500Z, Sep 28 to 1800Z, Sep 29

October, 1996

  VK/ZL Contest, Phone           1000Z, Oct 5 to 1000Z, Oct 6
  EU Autumn Sprint, SSB          1500Z-1859Z, Oct 5
  California QSO Party           1600Z, Oct 5 to 2200Z, Oct 6
  RGSB 21/28 MHz Contest, SSB    0700Z-1900Z, Oct 6
  VK/ZL Contest, CW              1000Z, Oct 12 to 1000Z, Oct 13
  EU Autumn Sprint, CW           1500Z-1859Z, Oct 12
  JARTS WW RTTY Contest          0000Z, Oct 19 to 2400Z, Oct 20
  Asia-Pacific Sprint            1230-1430Z, Oct 19
  Worked All Germany Contest     1600Z, Oct 19 to 1600Z, Oct 20
  RGSB 21/28 MHz Contest, CW     0700Z-1900Z, Oct 20
  CQ Worldwide Contest, Phone    0000Z, Oct 26 to 2400Z, Oct 27

November, 1996  (U.S hams should note that CQWW is before Thanksgiving)

  ARRL Sweepstakes, CW           2100Z, Nov 2 to 0300Z, Nov 4
  High Speed Club CW Contest     0900-1100Z and 1500-1700Z, Nov 3
  Japan Int.DX Contest, Phone    2300Z, Nov 8 to 2300Z, Nov 10
  WAE DX Contest, RTTY           0000Z, Nov 9 to 2400Z, Nov 10
  ARRL Sweepstakes, Phone        2100Z, Nov 16 to 0300Z, Nov 18
  RGSB 1.8 MHz Contest, CW       2100Z, Nov 16 to 0100Z, Nov 17
  CQ Worldwide Contest, CW       0000Z, Nov 23 to 2400Z, Nov 24

December, 1996

  ARRL 160-Meter Contest         2200Z,.Dec 6 to 1600Z, Dec 8
  ARRL 10-Meter Contest          0000Z, Dec 14 to 2400Z, Dec 15
  TARA RTTY Sprint               2100Z, Dec 14 to 0100Z, Dec 15
  RAC Canada Winter Contest      0000-2359Z, Dec 29

End of calendar section

Please consult the individual contest rules to determine what log
documentation must be submitted (i.e. summary sheet, dupe sheets, etc.).

  EU Spring Sprint, SSB          May 5, 1996
    E-mail:  eusprint at
    Mail:  Dave Lawley, G4BUO
           Carramore, Coldharbour Road, Penshurst
           Kent  TN11 8EX, England, UK

  UBA HF 80m Contest             May 5, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Jan Reynders, ON4ARY
           Schoonderbeukenweg 320
           B-3202 Rillaar

  CQWW WPX Contest, Phone        May 10, 1996
    E-mail:  n8bjq at
    Mail:  CQ Magazine, WPX Contest, Phone
           76 N. Broadway
           Hicksville, NY  11801

  DXYL - NAYL Contest, CW        May 12, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Carol Hugentober, K8DHK
           4441 Andreas Ave.
           Cincinnati, OH  45211

  QRP ARCI Sprint QSO Party      May 13, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  QRP ARCI Contest Manager
           Cam Hartford, N6GA
           1959 Bridgeport Ave.
           Claremont, CA  91711

  Int. HF GridLoc Contest        May 14, 1996
    E-mail:  geoiii at
    Mail:  GridLoc
           P.O. Box 180703
           Austin, TX  78718-0703, USA

  EA WW RTTY Contest            May 15, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  EA RTTY Contest Manager
           Antonio Alcolado, EA1MV
           P.O. Box 240
           09400 Aranda de Duero, Burgos

  DXYL - NAYL Contest, SSB      May 28, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Carol Hugentober, K8DHK
           4441 Andreas Ave.
           Cincinnati, OH  45211

  YU DX Contest                 May 28, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Savez Radio-Amatera Jugosalvije
           YU DX Contest
           P.O. Box 48
           11001 Beograd

  South Carolina QSO Party      (unknown, contest ended Apr 28)
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Dave Berry, KE4OOW
           100 Longwood Ln
           Conway, SC  29527-6011

  Japan Int DX Contest, 20-10m  May 31, 1996
    E-mail:  jidx-log at
    Mail:  JIDX HFCW Contest
           c/o Five-Nine Magazine
           P.O. Box 59
           Kamata, Tokyo, 144 Japan

  Holyland DX Contest            May 31, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Contest Manager
           Israel Amateur Radio Club
           Box 17600
           Tel Aviv  61176

  Nebraska QSO Party             May 31, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Nebraska QSO Party
           P.O. Box 375
           Fort Calhoun, NE  68023-0375

  QRP to the Field               May 31, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Bob Farnworth, WU7F
           6822 131st Ave. SE
           Bellevue, WA  98006

  Bermuda Contest                June 1, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Radio Society of Bermuda
           Contest Committee
           P.O. Box HM 275
           Hamilton HM AX, Bermuda

  Ten-Ten Intl Net CW Contest    June 1, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Don Zielinski, K0PVI
           10-X Intl Contest Manager
           c/o Bighorn Museum of Amateur Radio
           P.O. Box DX
           Genoa, CO  80818-0119

  EU Spring Sprint, CW           June 2, 1996
    E-mail:  eusprint at
    Mail:  Bernhard Buettner, DL6RAI
           Schmidweg 17
           85609 Dornach, Germany

  Danish SSTV Contest            June 2, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Carl Emkjer
           Soborghus Park 8
           DK 2860 Soborg

  Massachusetts QSO Party        June 4, 1996
    E-mail:  baymw at
    Mail:  Massachusetts QSO Party
           c/o Framingham Amateur Radio Association
           PO Box 3005
           Framingham, MA  01701

  Texas QSO Party                June 4, 1996
    E-mail:  kb5yvt at
    Mail:  Texas DX Society
           P.O. Box 540291
           Houston, TX  77254

  ARI International DX Contest   June 4, 1996
    E-mail:  pcortese at
    Mail:  ARI Contest Manager
           Paolo Cortese, I2UIY
           P.O. Box 14
           27043 Broni (PV)

  Connecticut QSO Party          June 5, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  CARA
           P.O. Box 3441
           Danbury, CT  06813-3441

  Massachusetts QSO Party        June 6, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  FARA
           P.O. Box 3005
           Framingham, MA  01701

  MTARA VHF/UHF Contest          June 7, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Mount Tom Amateur Repeater Association
           P.O. Box 3494
           Springfield, MA  01101-3494

  MARAC County Hunters CW Cntst  June 7, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Norm Beavers, W3DYA
           3320 McMillan Dr.
           Tyler, TX  75701-8239

  Helvetia Contest               June 14, 1996
    E-mail:  (none)
    Mail:  Nick Zinsstag, HB9DDZ
           Salmendorfli 568
           CH-4338 Rheinsulz
End of log submittal deadlines

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