FT1000MP - extended munu options!

dave.sharred at sagem.co.uk dave.sharred at sagem.co.uk
Sun Nov 3 09:12:54 EST 1996

I was told  that if you power the radio up while holding in the FAST and
LOCK buttons; you get extra menu options.

I did this last night - amongst others; 9-9 (I think) includes various opti=
on TX disablemement - including changing EU - JA - US frequency
allocations, AND GEN is TX everywhere!

Most options I dont know what theydo yet; but I saw RX IF gain and TX
RF GAIN adjust - I guess these are used in factory for End of Line

I don't suppose anyone has full descriptions of them ??  :-)

73 de Dave, G3NKC

>From radio at UDel.Edu (Robert Penneys)  Thu Nov  7 12:03:08 1996
From: radio at UDel.Edu (Robert Penneys) (Robert Penneys)
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 07:03:08 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Flame me for vanity club calls!
Message-ID: <199611071203.HAA07387 at copland.udel.edu>

As I had posted here earlier this year, we had applied for vanity call 
changes for a coupla clubs for whose licenses I am responsible.

The redoubtable N.E.R.D.S, familiar to many, is now W3TT.

The local yokel Hi-Tech Rednecks (that says it all) is now W2JJ.

My own call, which I'm sure no one could possibly want, is now N9GG.

My apologies to anyone who may have wanted any of these, and you
may flame me as the ogre I am.

Meanwhile, CU on CQWW CW from W6XR.

Bob ex-WN3K     (imagine the poor innocent guy who gets that one)

>From christor at MICROSOFT.com (Christoph Rheker)  Thu Nov  7 10:42:00 1996
From: christor at MICROSOFT.com (Christoph Rheker) (Christoph Rheker)
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 02:42:00 -0800
Subject: Verticals and rain static
Message-ID: <c=US%a=_%p=msft%l=MUC-02-MSG-961107104200Z-8960 at mail4.microsoft.com>

Hallo OM's,

during the last weeks I had to learn, that rain static noise on a 80m
Vert is reality
and not only rumour ;))

So in order to prepare for the upcoming CW contest, I like to get rid of
that sometimes S9

Would it be possible to place a big coil between the feedpoint and the
ground? The coil would
represent a low DC resistance, but a high resistance for 80m. Has anyone
done this?

An other way I can think of, is to ground the Vert and use an Omega
match. After reading
the comments in ON4UN's book, this may be a solution with low bandwidth.
Also high quality
capacitors (expensive...) should be used when running high power.

Any comments are appreciated.

Christoph, DL4YAO

>From blunt at arrl.org (Lunt, Billy,  KR1R)  Thu Nov  7 13:57:00 1996
From: blunt at arrl.org (Lunt, Billy,  KR1R) (Lunt, Billy,  KR1R)
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 08:57:00 -0500
Message-ID: <m0vLUws-000f52C at mgate.arrl.org>


Thank you for so boldly stepping forward and doing what you think is the 
right thing to do. Very few people would have the courage to say and do what 
you have done. I respect your decision and honesty.

Please don't let this unfortunate situation discourage you from contesting 
and enjoying your hobby. It isn't as big a deal as you may think. We all 
make mistakes. It's not that often that we find a 16 year old contester with 
as much dedication and honesty as yourself. We need you and others like 
yourself  in our hobby if contesting is going to flourish in the years to 

True, you should have familiarized yourself with the contest rules before 
the event, but we can not undo what has already happened. Why don't you 
submit your Sweepstakes entry as a Checklog. There is no disgrace in 
submitting Checklogs. They are used for verifying QSOs in other people's 
logs. A Checklog also shows support for the contest without submitting a 

I am sending you a complimentary copy of the ARRL Contest Yearbook. This 
book has all the ARRL contest rules, entry forms, score records, etc. I hope 
you will continue to contest and put this book to good use.


Billy Lunt, KR1R
Contest Manager, ARRL
kr1r at arrl.org
blunt at arrl.org

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>From: kt4ld at juno.com (Andrew H Lewis)
>Date: Tue, 05 Nov 1996 19:47:21 EST
>Sender: owner-3830 at akorn.net
>This is to let everyone know that I am disqualifying myself from the CW
>SS because of my questionable score. I didn't read the rules closely
>enough in this month's QST and ended up working the same stations on
>several bands. I also forgot the multiplier rule. I operated within my
>license class (EXTRA) but I messed up badly and I am very sorry. Instead
>of the 900+ contacts that I made it would of really been probably in the
>several hundred range because of stations that I worked on several bands.
>Hopefully this will teach me to read the rules more closely next time. I
>am very sorry to everyone and am especially sorry to my club PVRC for
>leeting them down in such a bad way.
>                                                      73
>                                                     KT4LD-16 YEARS OLD

>From kr2j at ix.netcom.com (Robert E. Naumann)  Thu Nov  7 12:44:19 1996
From: kr2j at ix.netcom.com (Robert E. Naumann) (Robert E. Naumann)
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 06:44:19 -0600
Subject: CQWW PJ9E
Message-ID: <01BBCC78.5D9C8060 at dfw-tx11-04.ix.netcom.com>

Could one of the PJ9E ops post the PJ9E score ?


>From kr2j at ix.netcom.com (Robert E. Naumann)  Thu Nov  7 12:14:41 1996
From: kr2j at ix.netcom.com (Robert E. Naumann) (Robert E. Naumann)
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 06:14:41 -0600
Subject: CW SS & Vanity Callsigns
Message-ID: <01BBCC72.FCF87520 at dfw-tx11-04.ix.netcom.com>

I'm disappointed that the vanity callsigns did not get issued prior to the 
CW SS.  That contest probably would've been even better than it was this 
year.  I know I would have operated a whole lot more.

Oh well.

(ex KR2J)

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