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Thu Nov 7 11:47:27 EST 1996

Thought you folks might like more info on YB to expand on what I put out on
3830 contesting. 73  Dennis now K7BV  ex AA7VB
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From:	dl8wpx at server.indo.net.id (Joerg Puchstein, YB1AQS)
To:	AA7VB at aol.com ('AA7VB at aol.com')
Date: 96-11-06 20:04:48 EST

Hi Dennis,

I hope you enjoyed your trip to Indonesia and the WWDX SSB contest.
Unfortunately I wasn't able sofar to decode the attached document
to your 3830 - info - message. Would be very interesting for me to
share some experience with somebody else contesting from Indonesia
in a major effort.
Maybe you can send it once again as plane ASCII text to me.

For me it was the first major entry after years with virtually no
antenna here in Indonesia. I was working as YB6AVE two years in 
Medan on Sumatra in 92/93 and I'm living now in Bandung on West Java
as YB1AQS. Last year I bought my own property and have built my house
here and this year I was finally able to put up a 3el-Quad for 10..20
on a 50' tower on top of my garage.
This antenna seems to work as predicted (I've designed it myself using
K6STI's AO and NEC/Wires). I've managed to make some 700 QSO's on 10
(70% Europe) and abt. 1200 on 15m.
Some very interesting openings made it just fun for me - so the opening
into the Carribean on 10m just before midnight Western Indonesian Time
and all the Africans coming in on 20/15 after I wasn't able to copy any
Europeans anymore.

I'm using here a IC-736 and a Drake L75 (1x 3-500Z) with abt. 400W output.
This contest was more'less a test of my equipment just prior to my personal
major event - the CW-part coming up now. I had a lot of fun but saw also
my major weekpoints, specially on low bands, where I'm only running 400W
into a Inv-Vee with the top in 60ft height. It works in CW but you're nearly
without chance in the SSB-part.
Now I still want to set up at least for 40m a 2el wire beam into North
Maybe I can put up a Inv-L for 80/160 too. I've discovered also some space to
build one or two beverages (Eu and JA/US Westcoast) but there I still have to
negotiate with my neighbours :-).

I would be interested, where you have been - was it on Bali Isl. or still
far East? I've heard you several times also managing good runs on 15/10, 
sometimes far prior to my openings (I've heard you running Europeans when I
couln't here anybody on the band). I know how big Indonesia is and how
the condx can be in several parts of the country. Would be very interesting
here from you also about your setup. 
For me it was very difficult to make calls into the U.S. Beside the fact,
I was asleep both early mornings on 20/15 (I still suffered from some virus
infection with high fever) I could here the big M/M Eastcoast stations in the
evening but without any chance to get there attention. There were big
openings into
the West coast on 40m in the early evening - but the band is very difficult
due to
the heavy broadcast QRM on 7.100 .. 7.300. It should be better in CW.
I managed only some 60 QSO's totally with North America.

If you're interested in I could send you my log, so that you can have a look
how it was going from West Java. I was working with K1EA's CT9 as logger.

Sofar for now,

vy73, Joerg YB1AQS / VK9CR / VK9XY / DL8WPX

dl8wpx at server.indo.net.id

>From trey at cisco.com (Trey Garlough)  Thu Nov  7 18:11:27 1996
From: trey at cisco.com (Trey Garlough) (Trey Garlough)
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 1996 10:11:27 -0800
Subject: CQ-Contest news
Message-ID: <199611071811.KAA12028 at scv-cse-4.cisco.com>

Well, I have good news and bad news.  The bad news is that we lost
some disks here, and the CQ-Contest mailing list got fairly hosed.
So if you know someone who was suddenly dropped from the list and 
is all concerned about it, tell them to stop worrying and to
resubscribe and things will be fine.

The good news is that we hardly had to read any messages about
what everyone's new callsign is.  :-)  WA4ZXA is collecting a list 
of old vs. new, just like he does with the contest scores, and
he will post summaries here periodically, so please send the
news to him, not to *everybody*.

We now return to our regular programming.

--Trey, N5KO

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