Summary: where exactly is the band edge?

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Hi Bob,
In a message dated 96-11-13 15:46:45 EST, you write:
>I think you missed my point - or - we're not talking about the same thing. 
> I'm talking about the stuff that if, as in my example, if you were 
>transmitting right on 21.200.000 USB, you would have no signal BELOW 
>21.200.000.  The stuff I believe you're talking about extends further ABOVE 
>your operating frequency on USB.  The opposite would be true on LSB. 

IMD is independent of the sideband selected or filter quality. The best radio
I've ever measured was a tube type with 6146 tubes, and it was only in the
-40 dB range (below one tone). The worse was a 747 Yeasu at -22 dB. Tube type
rigs generally die off fast as product order increases, transistor rigs
sometimes spread out far in bandwidth before IMD disappears.

Every radio has stuff sticking out both sides, for several KHz. The level is
low, between -25 and -40 dB, but it is there. Phone operators that crowd a
weak signal area, or get right on the band edge, need to be aware of this

While the standard reply is "I must be overloading your receiver", the fact
is most receivers have a dynamic range near 100 dB, and most transmitters
have IMD in the -30 dB range. If the receiving station is in a quiet
location, splatter from a properly operated transmitter 5 KHz or more away
can be devastating to weak signal reception. 

If you get a bandwidth report from a buddy in a noisy location, he might not
hear the garbage.... but make no mistake, it is there.

Ref. page 26.49 of the 1995 ARRL Handbook under transmitter performance
tests, but be aware the ARRL uses a non-standard test that makes things look
six dB better than they are by commercial or mil standards.

73 Tom

>From n7tr at (Richard Hallman)  Thu Nov 14 02:39:40 1996
From: n7tr at (Richard Hallman) (Richard Hallman)
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 18:39:40 -0800
Subject: FCC lied about Gate 2
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>  From: km9p at (Bill Fisher KM9P), on 11/13/96 6:02 PM:
>  Well after much analysis of the calls given out in Gate 2 I can assure you
>  the following happened:
>  Applications via the WWW were in fact processed first.  Further, if you
>  were the last person to submit your application via the WWW on that Monday
>  you would have received whatever callsign you wanted.  I submitted my club
>  application at 12:00am and a few seconds on that Monday.  I was the last
>  electronic filer to receive a callsign based on the application numbers.
>  I spoke with someone at the FCC today and was again told that all
>  applications were dealt with randomly.  
>  Which means we are either getting lied to or the people handling the
>  phones at the FCC don't really know what happened.  They are just being
>  told what to say.  
>  Do I think the entire process should be done over again?  Nope.  I just
>  want an explanation as to why they felt compelled to lie about the
>  process.  I think I deserve it.
>  73
>  Bill KM9P - K4AAA

   Does anybody REALLY know if Day 1 issues are Legit???   Has ANYBODY been
told to NOT use their Day 1 Issued Vanity??  

  I agree with Bill, Day 1 shouldnt be re-run, but the facts should be
Imagine the crap the FCC would get then.....W4MPY would loose his mind if
we ALL called and said " Stop the Press!!!""

I dont remember an OFFICIAL message from the FCC stating that it would be
run randomly...Any signatures??  

When I was in the Gulf (A92FN)  I was told ALL the Nerve Gas pills we were
and the SECRET Anthrax shots I got were ALL SAFE and OK!!!    HA...Watch
60 Minutes to see what the REAL story is!!!    I think ALL of us that were in
the Gulf are PRETTY PISSED at the crap they pulled!!   Not to mention the
Vietnam lies 
that were given to all the troops over there.....

  Sorry.....Ill step off my horse!

    See Ya!    Rich  N7TR        ex: KI3V PORTABLE SEVEN!   or maybe not....
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>From n7tr at (Richard Hallman)  Thu Nov 14 02:58:05 1996
From: n7tr at (Richard Hallman) (Richard Hallman)
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 18:58:05 -0800
Subject: 15M and 10M long path
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>  From: nt5c at (John Warren), on 11/14/96 12:33 AM:
>  David Robbins K1TTT wrote:
>    >...but if your ears are good you can pull out all sorts of
>    >good stuff on 15m (and with some more flux even on 10m)
>    >during this morning LP opening
>  I really enjoy 10M LP when the "spots are up", although rates are slow for
>  serious contesting.  We have two 10M LP openings here in Texas: The same
>  dawn path southeast to JA, VS6, BY, even KH6, and a better one south thro
>  west around midnight to Central Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, etc.
>  Just for fun, I keep a separate 10M LP log - worked 16Z/35C from 1989-92.
>  If it didn't mean getting older, I'd be looking forward to 2000 !!
>  John, NT5C.

    When I was A92FN, it was interesting to work several Arizonia guys on 10
meters Long Path!!  Think KC7V was one of those contacts also....

  Was really something to think about after the opening....

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