Bud k4isv at westky.com
Tue Nov 19 01:37:27 EST 1996

Thanks for all the comments concerning repair of the DRSI board.
Unfortunately, my computer crashed causing the loss of all mail files.  
There were several offers to send schematics but now I dont know where
they came from..... HELP!
If you made the offer THANKS! Please send them to my work QTH:
P.O. BOX 028

I am trying to get a Nashville company to repair all boards!  Presently,
this is a long shot but who knows.... I have a couple bad ones es got
several replies with 1 or 2  plus the PVRC had 10 ( i think).

Also, one of my boards has been at Paccomm (sic) for months with no

If all else fails, what are the alternatives??? Interested in something
that will replace the DRSI es operate with CT...
tks, bud- k4isv
k4isv at westky.com
1-800-467-2607 (day)

>From 0004504465 at mcimail.com (Eugene Walsh)  Tue Nov 19 01:51:00 1996
From: 0004504465 at mcimail.com (Eugene Walsh) (Eugene Walsh)
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 96 20:51 EST
Subject: QSO B4!!
Message-ID: <34961119015143/0004504465DC4EM at MCIMAIL.COM>


K7LXC wrote:
>      You call me while I'm running, I enter your call and CT pops up with
> **DUPE**, I don't work you.  If I haven't worked you before, how did your
> call get into my computer?
The way he gets into your computer without being a **DUPE**
is that you either busted someone else's call, or you thought
he was working you when he was, in fact, working someone else.
I've been checking logs for many years, and I know that this 
happens all of the time, and it happens to EVERYBODY!
Assuming that the only possible way that someone calling you, who is 
already in your log, is **DUPING** you is a bit pretentious and 
often incorrect.  
Have you ever called someone who refused to work you, saying 
you were a **DUPE** when you knew that you were not?  This is 
far more frustrating than just working a guy who YOU think
is a **DUPE**.  If the computer will sort it out without effort,
why would you risk a Q (With penalties) by insisting it is a **DUPE**
when you cannot possibly know for sure?  Why would you even waste
time considering it??
73 Gene N2AA
Forgive me; those who like that sort of thing, for not repeating
Steve's entire message.

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