Openings observed from YB to you-no matter where you are !

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Wed Nov 20 00:29:37 EST 1996

As promised, I have gone though my CQWWSSB YB9BV (me as guest op) logs as
well as those of YB1AQS.  I have prepared an hour by hour, band by band break
-down of the zones we worked throughout the 48 hrs of CQWWSSB.  I did this
with the intent of allowing you to have a database to draw on for getting
Zone 28 QSO's (and the surrounding Zones) on CW weekend as well as other
contests in the next year or so.

It became quite apparent that, due to the miles between us and the hour or so
difference in sunrise/sunset, we operated almost two entirely different
contests at times.  Joerg, YB1AQS (DL8WPX hiding in West Java) had three
years in-country on me that were reflected clearly in his log. He took big
advantage of openings that I would never have dreamed of on 15 and, most
noticably, 10 meters.  10 was awesome to EU and, of course, JA.  Probably the
fact that my tribander was up against his 3el quad also had some measurable
impact (take-off angle) on the different times we found openings into the far
reaches of the world.

I spent a lot of time chasing you folks around trying to break your pile ups
instead of making rate but it was worth the effort to hear the shock in so
many voices when you would finally say "QRZ the YB9 something !"  I was
literally shocked to hear the many openings that could be used if people just
knew that they are being heard in YB at such and such a time.   

I hope this information will be useful to you.  If you are like me (you are a
Contester, aren't you?), you will enjoy the excitment of any new strategy you
put together to successfully employ one of those 10 minute windows shown in
my report to bag a double mult on CW weekend.  The data shows all zones
except those close to YB so this data may be of value to most any contester
no matter where you are in the world.

YB1AQS and other YB's who prefer CW contesting will be on for CW weekend so
find 'em, move 'em and have a blast.  For me, I'm going Single 40 from
?Mistery Station? and will try to get my Zone 28 before you!

I understand that it is considered foolish to have attachments when using the
reflector so the data is not attached.  Please send me an Email and tell me
how to get this EXCEl document to you via Internet or FAX (my dime.)   I am
not sure how the EXCEL format will go via the AOL attachment feature so I am
open to suggestions from the Great Knowing Ones out there.

OH Yeah, W3LPL.  I did hear you call me on sked on 7.180 a couple hrs before
the end of the contest so, yes, there was an opening for you then.  I just
didn't have enough antenna and smoke for you to hear me....sorry.

73 Dennis ex aa7vb     Now  K7BV (can you believe it - I came home to find my
new vanity call was K7 B V, my #16 choice, after signing YB9 B V about a
gazillion times.  Got to be some of that Big Guy in the Sky stuff working

>From kj5yf at (Larry Johnson K5YF)  Wed Nov 20 13:44:33 1996
From: kj5yf at (Larry Johnson K5YF) (Larry Johnson K5YF)
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 05:44:33 -0800
Subject: vanity call litigants
Message-ID: <BMSMTP8484946680kj5yf at>

I now have to shake my head in disbelief. 

The way I see it, those select few who have filed complaints gumming up the FCC
works are the luckiest people of all. Why? Simple. They obviously are miserable
about the fact their courier messed up (if that's indeed what happened) and
they didn't get their call sign of choice. Obviously, these individuals must
have no other problems or nothing else to be upset or miserable about. They
must have beautiful homes, plenty of money, great jobs (that is, if they have
to work), nice bosses, wonderful kids, perfect spouses, lots of friends, no
bills, etc., etc., and etc. Otherwise, they wouldn't be so focused on something
this minor in the grand scheme of life. Obviously.

As for those deserving who are patiently waiting for the day 2 submissions to
be processed, best of luck to you. I hope the FCC makes their decision in a
timely manner so as to get on with the process for you and you get your call of
choice. As for the FCC, kudos and thanks for getting the vanity calls out, in
spite of the fla, attacks, and computer glitches. 

Now, back to the real world...


* Larry Johnson / K5YF
* Internet: KJ5YF @ WT.NET
* Houston, Texas   U.S.A.

>From kt4ld at (Andrew H Lewis)  Wed Nov 20 04:41:34 1996
From: kt4ld at (Andrew H Lewis) (Andrew H Lewis)
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 23:41:34 EST
Subject: Vanity calls
References: <19961119185506.AAA21875 at localname>
Message-ID: <19961119.203637.8111.0.KT4LD at>

Amen. I totally agree with KQ4GC.  I applied on the second day because
several local hams told me that the opening date was the 26th but the I
found out a day before the opening date that it was the next day (23rd)
so I applied and they received my application the 25th (my 16th
birthday). I was also told that they won't issue me a new call or even
process my application until the litigation is settled in Washington
(which could take months). MY parents are upset because this was meant to
be a birthday present and they don't know what happened to their money.

The appplicants who filed late shouldn't get punished because of the few
who have to have it their way. If I knew the people personnaly who were
lititigating I would have a serious talk with them because I am almost
furious (not at the FCC, but at the people who are holding this up for
the rest of us). Someone PLEASE help us!


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