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This information has been very enlightening. I have a questions though. Power Springs is
so named because of the numerous and extremely pure water from the springs. ( the Powder
part is a holdover from the Civil War when the Confederacy has a major munitions factory here,
(at that time it was known as GunPowder Springs. Apparently you need very pure water to blow
someone up. )

In any event, the water table is very close to the surface. For example, in the pasture right
behind my house ( 2 towers ), if you start digging, you will hit water in less than 3 feet.I
keep that pasture drained by underground 6 inch pipes ( about 2000 feet total ) which flow
into a stream.

OK, finally the question. UNLESS they are anchored by penetrating a great number
of feet deeper ( There is a rock shelf here which is actually a continuation of Stone
Mountain, GA, which is at least 50 miles to the East ), swimming pools will literally
float right out of the ground. ( thus, almost all of the pools are above ground with fill
around them, BUT separated from actual ground level.

How can something that heavy be forced out of the ground? This is of more than passing interest 
as my #3 tower is right in the middle of the first pasture. It is anchored in a 4 foot by 4 foot 
solid block of concrete. ( incidentally, while mixing the concrete, ( some 70 bags of it by hand 
) I NEVER added a single drop of water. Just dumped the concrete in, mixed it, and dumped more. 
It can't hurt anything if it falls but I am a little concerned of awakening some morning and 
finding a 75 foot tower is 79 feet tall.

Name: Ed Sleight
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Date: 11/23/96
Time: 1:44:21 AM

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