New Icom HF+6M rig: IC-756

Fri Nov 22 22:11:06 EST 1996

Received the latest (Winter 96/97) AES catalog today and there is a picture
of Icom's new IC-756 HF + 6 meter rig on page 58.  However, it was not shown
in the price lists at the front of the catalog. 

Features include:  adjustable IF-DSP, 4.9 inch LCD dot matrix display with
spectrum scope (looks like it is very similar to the IC-781's CRT display),
100W output, auto antenna tuner, automatic IF notch filter, varible noise
blanker, PSN modulation, selectable audio peak filter, twin pass band tuning,
memory keyer, PC programmable, speech synthesizer, size - 13.4" wide, 4.4"
high, 11.2" deep, 23.1lb.

Does anyone know anything else about this?  Price?


Henry Pollock - WB4HFL
henrypol at

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