K7SP at JY8B in CQ WW CQ

Jim McDonald N7US n7us at ix.netcom.com
Fri Nov 22 20:14:18 EST 1996

jy9qj at amman-server2.go.com.jo%INTERNET wrote:

I am currently in Amman,Jordan and will be active in contest as part of
a  multi-single effort using the call JY8B. We expect to have a BIG Sig
- about 500 watts to a TH11, 2 Ele 40, Create rotary dipole on 80, and
160 sloper.  I have already been active on cw as JY8SP before the
contest and will be active again afterwards, possibly to include WARC.
Please work us on all bands as we are attempting to set a new
multisingle record from Asia, and of course, to win the contest as
multi-single from Asia.

Look for us on 1815  3515  7030  14030  21030   28030.

See you in a  few hours.

73 Steve K7SP

>From 0006485696 at mcimail.com (KEN KOPP-K0PP)  Sat Nov 23 03:36:00 1996
From: 0006485696 at mcimail.com (KEN KOPP-K0PP) (KEN KOPP-K0PP)
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 96 22:36 EST
Subject: Floating concrete
Message-ID: <73961123033637/0006485696PK1EM at MCIMAIL.COM>

Some seemed to question the concept of concrete floating ... 
the more seasoned among us will recall WWII"s concrete ships, 
and there are many small pleasure craft made from concrete 
sprayed on a wire mesh form.

Ken Kopp - K0PP 
k0pp at mcimail.com

>From mmarkkan at muikku.jmp.fi (Marko Markkanen)  Sat Nov 23 08:34:50 1996
From: mmarkkan at muikku.jmp.fi (Marko Markkanen) (Marko Markkanen)
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 08:34:50 +0000
Subject: OI7T in CQWW CW
Message-ID: <199611230635.IAA25553 at muikku.jmp.fi>

OH7AAC will use callsign OI7T in 1996 CQWW CW (M/S).

(SRAL has authorized OH7AAC to use callsign OI7T during 1996 CQ WW SSB/CW


You are welcome to visit our new WWW-page 


to get some more information about the station. We hope to have time to put
some more material to the page in very near future.

See you on all bands  ... GL !

Marko, OH7KD

  OH7KD  -  Marko Markkanen  -  Vuorela, Finland
  Packet  -  OH7KD at OH7RBA.#KUO.FIN.EU
  Internet  -  mmarkkan at muikku.jmp.fi

  OH7KD  -  Marko Markkanen  -  Vuorela, Finland
  Packet  -  OH7KD at OH7RBA.#KUO.FIN.EU
  Internet  -  mmarkkan at muikku.jmp.fi

>From aa9ax at iglou.com (Steven Sample)  Sat Nov 23 08:49:25 1996
From: aa9ax at iglou.com (Steven Sample) (Steven Sample)
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 1996 03:49:25 -0500 (EST)
Subject: New Icom HF+6M rig: IC-756
Message-ID: <Pine.GSO.3.95.961123034504.4207A-100000 at iglou1>

On Fri, 22 Nov 1996 HENRYPOL at aol.com wrote:

> Received the latest (Winter 96/97) AES catalog today and there is a picture
> of Icom's new IC-756 HF + 6 meter rig on page 58.  However, it was not shown
> in the price lists at the front of the catalog. 
> Features include:  adjustable IF-DSP, 4.9 inch LCD dot matrix display with
> spectrum scope (looks like it is very similar to the IC-781's CRT display),
> 100W output, auto antenna tuner, automatic IF notch filter, varible noise
> blanker, PSN modulation, selectable audio peak filter, twin pass band tuning,
> memory keyer, PC programmable, speech synthesizer, size - 13.4" wide, 4.4"
> high, 11.2" deep, 23.1lb.
> Does anyone know anything else about this?  Price?
> 73,
> Henry Pollock - WB4HFL
> henrypol at aol.com

This looks like it's gonna be a super neat rig!  Question is whether or
not it is a mis-print regarding the LCD display, or if it is a CRT like
the 781.  Don't know if the LCD could support quick-refresh spectrum-scope
like a CRT (781-type).  Anyway, it is said to be priced at about $2000.00,
making it a great choice for my second radio to go with the 781.

Can't wait to see it.  My friend has one coming soon, and I'll tell you
the scoop  after we put it thru the paces!


Steve / N9FD (Ex-AA9AX)

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