Will gets new call first

BK1ZX70SFL at aol.com BK1ZX70SFL at aol.com
Mon Oct 21 21:22:59 EDT 1996

contrary to the rumour that he would keep his call it appears AA4NC will be
the first one with a new 1X2 from Gate 2 - see attached
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Date: 96-10-21 13:02:35 EDT

CQ Contest DXpedition Registery.
Updated October 21, 1996

This is a special update of planned CQWW contest Dxpeditions. It only
includes information that was sent to me - I did not try to keep track
of all the postings to the reflector.

If you have additions for future contests, please email to
lnovak at cen.com or via packet to K3TLX.

73, Larry, K3TLX

Contest          Location    Who/email              Status 
CQWW SSB         3DA0DX      WJ2O, ZS6WPX, ZS6BRZ   M/S high power     
                             WJ2O at aol.com

CQWW SSB         3DA0NX      Team Nippon SOAB       BOOKED AND CONFIRMED
                             zs6cax at lia.co.za

CQWW SSB         8P9Z        K3KG & K4FJ            M/S
                             K4FJ at aol.com

CQWW SSB         9M8R        W7EJ   Probably single band 40
                             Ai7b at teleport.com

CQWW SSB         A35SQ       W7TSQ                  SO/AB/Lo Power
** NEW **                    W7TSQ at aol.com

CQWW SSB         CT3BX       Six DL ops             Multi-Single
                             hermann.stein at roche.com.

CQWW SSB         CT3EE       DL4NAC                 SOAB
                             hermann.stein at roche.com.

CQWW SSB         CY0         A4NC
                             AA4NC at aol.com

CQWW SSB         FG          KI6FE/7 es JF2DQJ      SOAB
                             76353.2760 at compuserve.com

CQWW SSB         FJ5AB (St. Barts) N6DLU etal       M/S Confirmed
** NEW **                    dbr at alumni.caltech.edu

CQWW SSB         HC8A        Rich, N6KT             Firm - QSL via WV7Y
                             n6kt at ix.netcom.com

CQWW SSB         J3A         W8KKF, WA8LOW etal     Confirmed M/M
                             Additional ops considered (hflasher at dayton.net)

                             Bill.Gallier.KQ4GC at postoffice.worldnet.att.net

CQWW SSB         PJ9B        N3ED etal              M/M
                             emoody at epix.net 

CQWW SSB         PJ9T        AB4JI etal             M/S (QSL PJ9T via AB4JI)
                             kj4vh at iglou.com

CQWW SSB         V26B        Team Antigua (QSL WT3Q) Confirmed Multi/Multi
                             N3ADL at aol.com

CQWW SSB         V85HG       JO1RUR, JO1BMV         Planned M/S 
                             jo1rur at shizuokanet.or.jp

CQWW SSB         VP2E        WB5CRG                 20 MTR S/B
                             w5robert at blkbox.COM

CQWW SSB         VS6WO       WN4KKN, K5TSQ, etal    multi-single
                             TREY at tgv.com

CQWW SSB         T32         VE7SBO                SO / Speculative
                             ve7sbo at teleport.com

CQWW SSB         V31DX                             multi-single 
                             jdowning at intelenet.net

CQWW SSB         VP2MDE      Joe, W5ASP; Andy, GM0ECO (et. al. ?) M/S
** UNLIKELY DUE TO VOLCANO   Jastaples at aol.com

CQWW SSB         ZD8Z        N6TJ                  FIRM  SOSB
                             jneiger at xti.com

CQWW CW          3DA0NX      ZS6CAX                SOAB, BOOKED AND CONFIRMED
                             zs6cax at lia.co.za

CQWW CW          C6A         WA3WSJ and K3TEJ      Multi-Single (QSL via
                             k3tej at pottsville.infi.net

CQWW CW          CT9U        DL2HYH                Single-Band (TBD)
                             hermann.stein at roche.com.

CQWW CW          CT3FN       HB9CRV                Single-Band (TBD)
                             hermann.stein at roche.com.

CQWW CW          FS          K9VV                  SO, Booked
** NEW **                    k9vv at indy.net

CQWW CW          J3          J3/WJ2O               Planning SOHP
                             WJ2O at aol.com

CQWW CW          J3          YCCC group (K1XM etal) Firm, booked. QSL via
                             young at young.ENET.dec.com

CQWW CW          5V5A        N7BG, G3SXW, etal     Multi-multi
                             trogo at primenet.com

CQWW CW          HC8N        Trey, WN4KKN          Firm - QSL via AA5BT
                             trey at cisco.com

CQWW CW          HR6         Roatan Is, WA6VNR      Booked
                             jhypna at qualcomm.com

CQWW CW          J6DX        SW Ohio DXA            MS
                             millersg at dma.org

CQWW CW          KP2         Windwood - reserved - operators unknown

CQWW CW          V2          Larry, K3TLX           Reserved Single Op
                             lnovak at cen.com   ** The big 5-0 birthday bash **

CQWW CW          V85HG       JO1RUR, JO1BMV         Planned M/S
                             jo1rur at shizuokanet.or.jp

CQWW CW          VP2EV       AA7VB                  FIRM M/S 
                             AA7VB at aol.com

CQWW CW          VP5EA       Dave, WD5N             SOLP, Reserved
                             wd5n at msg.tx.slr.com

CQWW CW          ZF2RF       K4UVT etal             confirmed multi-single
                             k4uvt at aol.com

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     | Century Computing, Inc.  |             Tel:   (301) 953-3330 |
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>From aa8u at voyager.net (AA8U)  Tue Oct 22 01:22:51 1996
From: aa8u at voyager.net (AA8U) (AA8U)
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 20:22:51 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: 75M Split Frequency, Summary
Message-ID: <199610220022.UAA27897 at vixa.voyager.net>

The first time I sent this it looked as if it bounced. Hope this isn't a dupe.
The names have been removed to protect the innocent!

My experience has been that CQing above 3800, 3800-3815 best 
and listening 100 KHz lower works best. There's no way to fight the 
M/Ms who camp out at 3800, 3798, etc.
pse summarize your replies and post. If I'm telling you my 
secrets, I want to hear others', hi.
You've asked the question I have often pondered, but never pursued. I'd be
very interested in your findings.
call CQ between 3800 and 3815 and listen in a clear
spot between 3640 and 3750. 
you are of course asking guys to give up some of their inner-most 
contest secrets, and darn few guys will want to do that. 
sure would like to see what you got in replies. I will be at ****
for CQWW and we always wonder the same thing. With a 3 element beam at 180'
we can get our signal to Europe, just never quite sure what freq to put it
JA's can only transmit in a 5 or 10 kc range somewhere between 3795 and 3805.
I usually stay at 3803 or 3807 all weekend, your best bet is to listen to EU 
and see where they are listening.  EU stations listen to me then starts
calling cq on my receive frequency which is a real pain in the ass.  So get
even with them if your loud they will listen elsewhere.
VK*** is a sure bet on 3797 around sunset
VK's can only tx below 3700 or between 3795 and 3800.  Some russians like to
hang around 3640.
CQ between 3800 and 3815 and listen in a clear spot between 3640 and 3750.
you may want to listen between 3795 and 3800 for long path VK and JA at sunset.
Europeans can't work over 3.800...3795-3800 is normaly used by BIG that
caling CQ and work as mirror for all other Europen..I suggest you'll call
around 3810 and listen around 3780.
It would be bad manners to keep any good information you receive on this
to yourself!!
most EU's listen at 3800-3850 for US stations...but this area causes
sometimes confusion because sometimes EU's use the same frequencies. For example
two stations in EU are calling CQ and listening on the same freq. I am
listening up to 3900 for you guys calling CQ. EU's can transmit in SSB from
3600-3800. I think some parts of the ex-USSR are limited to 3600-3650, so if
you want to work an UA9 try that part of the band.
I'd love a summary of what you get, Bruce!
(I'm not up to speed on 80M split freqs, either.)
If it is possible could you summarize or forward the replys that you get on 
your 75 meter frequency question?
All I've heard is not to use 3650-3700 because it is the "CONTEST FREE ZONE".
Yeah....direct....So no one ELSE knows the "good" freqs to transmit on...
('cept us in-the-know big time 75M op's - see ya'll from **** next weekend !)
Best tx frequencies for USA are always above 3800 - perhaps 3825.
Below 3800 frequencies are full of Eu big guns and the window 3790-3800 is
the worst. USA stations are REALLY weak here in north (c.a. 65 N), while
European alligators come +25 db. I'm afraid that 75 meters is becoming much
like 40 meters - there is no space for dx-signals. Outside of contest
weekends, I'm able to work as much dx as I want to on 80 and 40  - during
cqww there are some european stations which can not copy me on 40, even I'm
running al-1200 and 2-ele yagi - this tells something about qrm-levels here
in Eu. I have noticed that on 40 there are some frequencies above 7150 which
are permanently free from BC-qrm, while some are reserved 24 hours. There is
no BC-qrm on 75 meters in our area. If I will remember - I could log down
some observations on BC-qrm on 40 during next weekend.
Guess that you will get opposite advices as well HI - these ones
were from latitudes near of polar circle.
try transmitting above 3800 and listening below 3750.  we have had 
excellent luck between 3800 and 3820 for tx and listening as low as
3650 or so.
vk's have a very small tx window between 3790 and 3800, they like to work 
split also.
I have had some success calling around 3825 +/- and listening 3700 =/-
There are Russians to be worked around 3650 also.

Thats all for now. 
As you might have guessed, many of our fellow contesters are interested in
this subject. 

I wish I had included 40M splits in my first question!

I think there might be some new information here for some. No "big time
secrets" in this post unless you are a first time contester on 75M. 

Hope you found it worthy of your time. Whatever, have fun this coming weekend!

aa8u at voyager.net

>From kk5ep at netdoor.com (Michael Causey)  Tue Oct 22 01:34:47 1996
From: kk5ep at netdoor.com (Michael Causey) (Michael Causey)
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 19:34:47 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: interface with tr and FT-1000MP
Message-ID: <199610220034.TAA07432 at netdoor.com>

Hi folks,

I just received tr-log contesting program and need to connect my FT-1000MP
to my computer.  Never having operated my rig via computer before, I need
some help.  Keep it simple, please, I'm a REAL novice at this.  I have
operated my tr-log program in the simulator phase for a day now, I'm truly
amazed and quite happy with what the tr-log program can do!  I think I will
definitely be able to use it this weekend, if I can get all of the cables
hooked up correctly.  My Ft-1000MP has a "CAT" port on the back of it.
Thank you gentlemen. 73, Mike  KK5EP.  

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