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Mon Oct 28 18:12:08 EST 1996

The casual contester you snub by asking for "DX only" in CQWW may be the same one who
ignores you when you are begging for Qs Sunday afternoon during SS!


>From k5zd at (Randy Thompson)  Mon Oct 28 23:43:56 1996
From: k5zd at (Randy Thompson) (Randy Thompson)
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 18:43:56 -0500
Subject: 20 Meter Split?
Message-ID: <01BBC501.C7E91100 at>

Anything that works is good operating!

Back in 1976, I used to do this from WB5OOE (now N5AU) on 20m.  QRM was =
so bad that it was worth a try to listen down below 200.  And this was =
before everyone had radios and software that made split so easy.  The =
rate is not as good working split but it can be better than the =
frustration of not hearing the callers.

We also used to do this from N5AU on 15m.  We would listen below 200 for =
VK novices.

Randy, K5ZD

From: 	Fred Kleber K9VV[SMTP:k9vv at]
Sent: 	Monday, October 28, 1996 12:53 AM
To: 	cq-contest at
Subject: 	20 Meter Split?

Was surprised last weekend to hear a prominent W7 land station working =
split on=20
20 meters during the CQ WW SSB "CONTEST".  At first I thought, how =
strange, but=20
when I heard him work a zone 22 it started me thinking...  Might the =
fact that=20
QRM can be so intense on 20 meters warrant split frequency SSB =
operation? =20
Split frequency operation is already practiced on 40m & 75m, might 20m =
be next?=20
 Afterall, I can't think of any band where "splitting 'em up" on CW =
justifying pile-up intensity) is commonly practiced.

Will summarize for reflector if replies are sent to me, otherwise - =
thanks for=20
the cyberwidth Trey!

Fred Fubar, K9VV

Randy Thompson                                                           =
                     Amateur Radio Call Sign: K5ZD
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>From nn9k at (Peter Beedlow)  Tue Oct 29 00:28:05 1996
From: nn9k at (Peter Beedlow) (Peter Beedlow)
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 1996 00:28:05 +0000
Subject: Rosario, Argentina
Message-ID: < at>

Is there anyone on this reflector in or near Rosario, Argentina that needs
another operator for the CQWW CW test?  Will be in Rosario the week of the
18th of November and can extend the trip for the contest.

Please reply to  nn9k at  or  pb13128 at

Peter Beedlow, NN9K
EN41TL (IL)  QRP-L #5
nn9k at

>From HWDX09A at ( ROBERT   REED)  Mon Oct 28 21:55:37 1996
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 16:55:37, -0500
Message-ID: <199610282155.RAA17400 at>

Last Friday I was asked to confirm or disprove a rumor that the FCC 
tried to run and had problems with the Vanity software for Gate 2. 
Apparently a small rumor started out of GA.

The following was just received from the FCC.

            Gate 2 was not run or nor was it attempted to run
            on the 10-24.  Hopefully, we will run the receipts
            later this week.

                                s/n  Larry Weikert

The plan to run gate 2 later this week also coincides with a 
projected run date that I was given about a week ago.


 73,   Bob Reed, WB2DIN 
       1991 Route 37 West - Lot 109
       Toms River, New Jersey  08757

       Internet : hwdx09a at

       Pager  :  (908) 288 - 6552

>From tomf at (Tom Francis)  Tue Oct 29 00:40:51 1996
From: tomf at (Tom Francis) (Tom Francis)
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 19:40:51 -0500 (EST)
Subject: To dupe or not to dupe..
Message-ID: <199610290040.TAA22307 at>

Hi all:

Great time this weekend at N1OPZ with first ever M/S - 
little glitches, but lot's of fun....

My question concerns dupes and is related to the little
fish thread and I would like the collective opinion...

To wit:

Is it better to just work a duplicate DX Q
or just "QSO B4" and head on?

My opinion is just work them and go on - after all 
we're all human and can make mistakes - besides, the
duplicate Q may be a mult and the score could be
discounted either way....

Any other opinions??

Thanks to all the dx who worked KZ1M M/S - great fun!!


Tom, NM1Q (tomf at

>From km9p at (Bill Fisher, KM9P)  Tue Oct 29 01:46:20 1996
From: km9p at (Bill Fisher, KM9P) (Bill Fisher, KM9P)
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 20:46:20 -0500 (EST)
Subject: 4 Sq Info
Message-ID: <199610290146.UAA29200 at>

At 12:39 AM 10/29/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Did you find any of the info on the 4 sq useful ?
>Any comments ??

I thought this might be of interest to the group so I'll post my findings
about the 4 square I installed.  First... if anyone from Europe is reading
this and can comment to me privately about my signal on 75M this weekend as
compared with other stateside I would appreciate it.

First the 4 square is made entirely of 14g stranded copper wire I bought at
Home Depot.  Each vertical is fed 12' off the ground with 4 elevated
radials.  I use a Comtek box to do the switching.

I told Randy today on the phone today that if he were to ask me which
antenna I was most impressed with this weekend, the answer would be the
4-square.  I don't believe this weekend was a banner weekend for us W4's for
75 meters, yet I did better than I have ever done from Georgia on 75M.  

In the past I have operated from N4RJ's and have used a rotary dipole at
160' and interted V's from the same height.  I was always impressed with my
ability to blast through pile ups using these antennas, but never had the
ability to run Europeans effectively.  Last spring I used a delta loop on my
hilltop fed in the center at 105'.  I also felt loud with this antenna but
the same net result as with the antennas at Val's (no runs on 75M).  I also
had trouble with loop working stations off the ends of the antenna.  Trying
to work a JA was not easy.

The first night didn't give me a lot of clues to the success of the array.
Conditions were pretty bad and calling CQ didn't work at all.  I blasted
through every pile up but didn't seem to be tracking the east coast packet
network because I didn't hear any of the "big guns" in the pile ups I was
in.   My only notable QSO was with VK6LK at 1049Z.  He heard me on the first
call too.

The second night was different.  I got my first real clue that the antenna
was working when I stumbled across a pile up in the window.  When I heard
him sign zone 39 I started calling.  I was the next guy he worked.  I know
for sure I beat W3LPL and K3LR who are also using 4-squares.  

Later in the evening the European signals seemed to be much better than the
night before so at 0300Z I start calling CQ.  I chose 0300Z because looking
over K5ZD's previous years rate sheets revealed without exception a big hour
on 75M in the 0300 hour both nights.  Well it worked.  The 2nd call in the
log was RW2F.  Not easy from down here.  In a period of 45 minutes I worked
40 guys.  Most within the first 20 mins.  It was the first time I've ever
had a pile up on 75M.  It's also the reason I'm at 70 countries instead of
the normal 55 area.  It's amazing what you can work when guys call you.  

It will be interesting to see how it fairs on CW.  I'm VERY excited about
CQWW CW.  This weekend I used the beverages almost exclusively for RX due to
local storms.  CQWW CW is normally a quiet weekend and the 4-square should
help me dig out the weaker signals.  

Was it worth the trouble?  You bet... and then some.  


Bill, KM9P

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>From aa8u at (AA8U)  Tue Oct 29 02:07:28 1996
From: aa8u at (AA8U) (AA8U)
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 1996 21:07:28 -0500 (EST)
Subject: To dupe or not to dupe..
Message-ID: <199610290207.VAA28681 at>

At 07:40 PM 10/28/96 -0500, you wrote:

>Is it better to just work a duplicate DX Q
>or just "QSO B4" and head on?
Hello Tom,

I learned this one the hard way. In a DX contest last year or year before I
(thought I) worked a rare African mult....obviously it wasn't a good contact
in HIS log. 

Near the end of the contest that same station came by and gave me a
call......CT was set in "QSO B4" mode and he was gone before I could un-do
my rudeness toward him. I know that mult was deleted from my log. 

In these competitive times, when the winner often succeeds by the slimmest
of margins, it dosen't pay to blow off anyone! Now days, I work all comers!
At least I have the comforting feeling that I'm in their log for sure.

I find it dosen't take any longer to politely work them (without mentioning
the dupe aspect) than to blow them off and move on. 

You will likely get advised differently by other more experienced contesters....

aa8u at

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