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Wed Oct 30 16:54:16 EST 1996

Jay Terleski wrote:
> Barry Kutner wrote:
> >
> > Sorry to bring this back to life again...
> >
> > I was just looking at a topographic map of my area by the USGS, and
> > right at the bottom it shows magnetic north and then an arrow
> > indicating 10.5 degrees from true north (Phila area).
> >
> > Reason I mention this is this map is a bargain (not including your
> > tax dollars). For $4.00 (yes, $4.00) you can purchase a map of
> > anywhere in the US that shows your QTH and a topographic profile of
> > the area (for me was a 1:24000 map). Includes all sorts of interesting
> > details on the map, such as individual houses, building, power lines,
> > underground pipes, roads, RR tracks, water, and more.  The only
> > negative is the map is somewhat old (mine last revised in 1973), so
> > if there's a lot of development in your area, in won't be very
> > accurate showing new streets, etc.
> >
> > I was fortunate in that there was a local map dealer that had my area
> > in stock. To order via mail is a somewhat convoluted process, first
> > requiring you to request a catalog and index (one of which is likely
> > to be out of stock and they tell you to try again in 120 days). Then
> > you find your map and fill out order sheet. You can request info by
> > calling 1-800-USA-MAPS.
> >
> > 73 Barry
> >
> > Disclaimer -  I don't work for any map making company or the USGS,
> > nor do I get a tax credit when you order your map.
> > --
> > Barry Kutner, W2UP              Internet: w2up at
> > Newtown, PA         FRC         alternate: barry at
> Gosh Barry, I thought everyone knew about Toppo Maps.  But a very good
> source for these in anyones area are sporting goods stores.
> REI, backpacking and camping stores and Fishing stores ( gotta have
> those toppos to figure out the terrain under the water too ).
> Competition bass guys use em.
> Sebentry tree
> Jay

Murphy's law of topo-maps --- You will aways live in the corner of
a map, and need at least three of them.... K2RK

>From john.devoldere at (John Devoldere)  Wed Oct 30 23:07:27 1996
From: john.devoldere at (John Devoldere) (John Devoldere)
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 23:07:27 +0000
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      160      165      189     1.15     10      61
       80      519      987     1.90     20      91
       40      807     2194     2.72     31     124
       20     1328     3498     2.63     37     141
       15      751     1887     2.51     34     144
       10       54      102     1.89     16      49

     Totals   3624     8857     2.44    148     610  =>  6,713,606


10 M: Dead... dead... dead... Some burst of sporadic-E to the South. Did I
read somewhere that XX9XX made over 2,000 QSO's on 10 meters????  That's
almost 50 times what we did.... Last year we made 88 Q's, this year 55! I
understand the guys in the Mediteranian aerea worked US stations? Boy, did I
wish we were 1000 miles South from here. 

PS Did you guys know that Belgium has the latitude of Calgary (VE6)....
Would you like to contest from Calgary??

15 M: excellent for multipliers. We worked more countries on 15 than on 10!.
But the US-openimg was of much shorter duration than last year. Pile-ups too
short!   No opening to Japan (worked about 10 JA's...). Last year we worked
several hundred JA's. Five hundred (500) QSO's less than last year on 15m,
but we worked more countries!

20M: as usual, the best band for US pile-ups. The US pile-ups were down from
last year as well. We made 400 QSO's less on 20 than last year. No JA
pile-up this year. Worked about 20 JA's in total!

40M: the better band. 10 % more QSO's than last year, and a few more
countries as well. The first night 40 was extremly bad to the US.
Fortunately conditions were much better the second night and the third evening. 

80M: 10 % less US stations than last year, but 5 more countries. The first
night the propagation to North America was extremely poor (aurora?).

160M: like 10m: bad.. bad.. bad.. Worked 1 US-station (N2RM), and 2
Canadians (CG1ZZ and CY0AA)! A short opening to the Carribean on the first
night (KG4AN, PJ9E, V26B), but nothing on the second night. I could hear
Italians and the IG9 boys working stuff that was not here at all. Heard trhe
IG9 boys working KL7RA! Not a sign here in (Calgary) Belgium. 

Would you believe last year in the ARRL 160 m test I worked neartly 500
US+VE-stations on 160??... Now I worked THREE... That's how great the
conditions were.

Well, to sum it all up "it can't go but in one direction, it MUST improve
next year..."

But it was fun. Let's hope we get better conditions for the CW-part.

John, ON4UN

john.devoldere at
Call us in all major 1996 contests: ON4UN (OT6T in WPX)
John Devoldere (ON4UN-AA4OI)
B-9000 Ghent (Belgium)

>From ea7cez at (Angel M. Claus)  Wed Oct 30 23:42:10 1996
From: ea7cez at (Angel M. Claus) (Angel M. Claus)
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 00:42:10 +0100 (MET)
Subject: How to make a tower resonate on 80/160 Mtrs ?
Message-ID: <199610302342.AAA00502 at>

Hi all

We are a contest group in Spain,  EA4ML, and we have 8 towers of 90' (30
mtrs) each one.
Till now the antenna we have been using both on 80 and 160 are Inverted V's
, but the results aren't what we are looking for on those bands.
Could somebody help me and let me know how to make the tower to be used as a
vertical ?
is it possible to use them both on 80 and 160 mtrs ? , or just only one band ?.
Four of these towers are used to stand the monobanders for 10/15/20 and 40
Meters. the other four are free at the moment.

Any help will be appreciated,  I'll send a summary with answers if requested.
Thank you in advance and please send answers to my Email address.

73 de Angel M. Claus   EA7CEZ

ea7cez at

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